Hair Building Fibers a Modern Miracle

May 5


Kellilynn Marie

Kellilynn Marie

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Many people suffer from thinning hair and hair loss, and there are several different ailments that cause hair loss.

Baldness is typically what hair loss on the scalp area is referred to as. Some choose to embrace their balding head while others hide it with hairstyles,Hair Building Fibers a Modern Miracle Articles hats, or scarves. Some even decide to take a surgical route which doesn't always give desired results.

There are many hair loss treatments out there including supplements and products, but unfortunately many of them do not work. Hair building fibers are a relatively new technology which bonds fibers to each individual strand of hair, ultimately hiding thin areas and making hair appear fuller and thicker. There are many different brands of building fibers out there. Here are a few different types, along with their properties:

Mirage Building Fibers is manufactured in Canada and it has been formulated to create an intense bond with your strands and to blend for a natural look. This product works instantly and leaves your hair looking fuller and thicker. Within 30 seconds of application your hair will look healthier and more voluminous. It comes in 7 different shades so it will match your natural color perfectly. This product is created with static electricity so that it will lock onto your hair and won't wear off from wind, rain, or sweat. It washes out with shampoo and it is created with Organic Keratin protein to leave hair with a denser volume. This product should be shaken and then applied over your hair.

Caboki Hair Building Fibers was created to leave thinning hair looking naturally fuller without creating a shoe-polish like effect. Rather than having to apply a spray to prevent fibers from wearing out or rubbing off on clothes or pillows, this product uses negatively charged fibers to bond to the hair. Many hair loss products use sheep hair or human hair, which are positively charged making it harder for the fibers to bond to hair. Caboki uses fibers that make hair look shinier and that actually bond to the hair itself. Many products use fibers that bond to the scalp rather than the strands which makes hair look unnatural.

Toppik Building Fibers are created with keratin and they lock onto hair to leave your locks looking denser and healthier. They are magnetized and durable throughout the elements. This particular product is safe to use with hair transplants and makes hair look naturally thicker. You simply shake the fibers over your hair and they cling to each individual strand.

Overall, hair building fibers are a safe and effective way to help eliminate the appearance of embarrassing thin areas. If your hair loss is caused by stress it is also a good idea to try to alleviate stress to prevent further loss. Since many preventative supplements take weeks or even months to work this method is a great way to help cover thin spots instantly. See our full selection of Hair Fibers.