Spornette Professional Hair Brushes Review

May 5


Kellilynn Marie

Kellilynn Marie

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Spornette was created by a German refugee named Walter Sporn who came to the United States in 1936. He began working in a New York Macy's moving retail items around to different departments.

In 1942,Spornette Professional Hair Brushes Review Articles Walter moved to Chicago and began contacting salons selling specially crafted products such as beer shampoo, egg shampoo, hair nets, ear warmers for dryer use, and brushes with wooden handles.

In 1944, Walter and his wife Fern went on their honeymoon to New York City and squeezed in working at the International Beauty Show. In the early 50's Walter created the Walter Sporn Company which is now known as Spornette International. He started working with an engineer who created cosmetic brushes and wanted to incorporate plastic handles with nylon bristles to easily create hair brushes. Together they created a 5 row and 7 row brush that helped launch many of the industry standards in professional hair brushes.

After many travels, Walter began developing cushion brushes, round boar and nylon brushes which immediately caused the company's products to be in high demand. Walter's son eventually became heavily involved in the business and in the 70's the company's name was changed to Spornette International. In 1985, his son bought the company from his parents and became the head of operations. His son's children eventually began working at the company and they still continue to produce cutting edge brushes. Spornette brushes are widely used among beauty industry professionals. Here are a few types of Spornette brushes:

The Porcupine brushes have both boar and nylon bristles which are attached to a wooden handle. The nylon bristles extend further than the boar bristles to easily groom any hair texture and move through damp hair. The boar bristles help hold hair in place to make styling easier. There are five different sizes of Porcupine brushes and they work well in thick or dense hair types.
The Italian rounders are created with the finest wood and reinforced boar bristles to help keep hair in place. There are seven different sizes of this particular type of brush which makes it easy to create several different styles. This particular brush works great with fine, thin hair because of its excellent hold.

The Spornette mini styling tools have a rounded shape and are created with boar bristles for great hold. They come in two different sizes and are great for an overnight bag. These brushes work especially well with shorter hair because of their small size and firm hold.

The Porcupine oval is a cushion brush with a flatter surface than the other rounded brushes. The cushion in this brush allows hair to easily flow over the bristles without creating snarls or tangling. This brush has a wooden handle and boar and nylon bristles which makes drying damp hair super easy. This brush is great for achieving a smooth silky finish and eliminating curls from hair.

The ZHU brushes have a rounded shape which makes curling and flipping hair while blow drying very easy. The handles of this brush are made of bamboo and the bristles are tourmaline nylon. The barrel of the brush is made of ceramic so it heats up and helps lock in the style. After using this brush to dry hair, set the hair in pin curls and spray with hairspray to create big, voluminous curls. Purchase a Spornette Hair Brush.