Professional Hair Styling Gel Review

May 3


Kellilynn Marie

Kellilynn Marie

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Achieving the perfect hairstyle requires the right amount of hold and proper products. There is a huge variety of different styling products that offer different degrees of hold and can achieve a number of different looks.

Hair gel is specifically formulated to lock hair in place without causing hair to stick together too much. It has a stronger hold than hair spray,Professional Hair Styling Gel Review Articles wax, or pomade but it doesn't stiffen the hair as much as hair glue. Many gels create a wet look once they have dried but can easily be manipulated to created a softer, more separated look. Styling gels have also been improved to be less drying while still providing the same amount of hold.

In North America and the UK, several brands of hair gel offer a series which labels each type of gel with a number indicating the level of its hold. Lower numbers generally refer to a lower strength. Ethnic gels are specifically formulated for African American hair to carefully manipulate its unique texture. Many types come in different shades now to create straps of color in the hair. Hair styling gels use positively charged polymers to create hold while still allowing for flexibility. Here are a few different types of gel that are widely used among beauty industry professionals:

TIGI Power Trip Hair Gel comes in a unique aerosol can which makes applying the gel much easier. It has an intense hold that allows for a great deal of flexibility. This product is ideal for tight curls or scrunched hair that needs to stay in place.

The Bumble and Bumble BB gel is ideal for people who have unruly hair but really dislike the sticky, heavy feeling some gels can leave behind. It has a subtle fragrance and a light weight texture with extreme hold. It feels more diluted and less thick than most gels but it still easily styles hair and keeps it in place.

Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel helps style hair without over drying it. It contains olive oil so it moisturizes the hair while holding it in place.

Got2b makes several different hair gels with intense hold that come in a variety of different colors. Got2b hair gels can be used to spike the hair and even add a bright hue of color to hair.

When choosing a styling gel make sure you understand what style you are trying to create and what level of hold you will need to achieve it. It is very important to make sure the one you buy isn't drying so that you don't wind up with a crunchy texture. Try applying the product while hair is still wet and letting it air dry or blow drying it with a diffuser for ideal results. You can always apply hair gel after your hair is dry but by letting the gel set on damp hair you are locking in the style. Always start with a smaller amount of hair gel and gradually add more as you need it. If you apply too much to begin with your hair may end up looking greasy. See our full selection of Styling Gel.