How to Never Overeat

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This article explains a way to eat that will make sure that you never overeat. It uses the secret that all wild animals use. It also lets you know which are the healthiest foods to eat.

Animals in the wild never overeat and also never get overweight. You can do it also. Instead of overeating,Guest Posting you can eat the perfect amount of a food. So how do you do this? It is very simple once you know how.

Also people are telling you what are the healthiest foods and which ones are the unhealthiest foods. You have no say in the matter. In this system you alone determine what are the healthiest foods for you. So how do the wild animals know what are the healthiest foods? They just eat what tastes good to them. So the meat-eating animals love the taste of meat and blood.

You also have taste buds that tell you what are the healthiest foods to eat. So just eat the best tasting foods and that will be the healthiest foods. But if you give rat poison to a rat, the rat will eat it and die. So man has the ability to disrupt this mechanism and that is why so many people are obese or overweight (slang for this is fat).

There are ways that enable the animal to never overeat that man does not do. First all wild animals eat all their food raw. It is much more difficult to overeat when the food is raw. Also they usually cook food when they process it. But there is one way, besides this, that makes it so you can never overeat. You can test it out and see if it works or not.

The animals eat one food at a time. If you have some raw organic raisins and raw organic seeds and nuts, you can mix them and overeat them. Now if you do not mix them and eat each one alone then you will eat the perfect amount of each one. Don't believe me. I could be lying. Try it yourself. You will start eating a food and get tired of the taste.

Fruits are the best tasting and healthiest foods. But do not believe me. Try it. If you eat some good tasting fruit, you can eat it until you are full. What can be healthier than to eat a whole meal of raw organically grown oranges. Now a friend of mine does not like oranges so they are not healthy for him. I do not know why this is and why he does not like other healthy foods. If I ever find out I will let you know. Maybe he got too many bad ones.

My grandfather had a wholesale fruit and produce company so we would eat the highest quality foods. He also had plenty of money so he did not look at the cost of foods. He only looked at the quality. So, again, try out what I am saying and see for yourself. This is simple enough that a wild animal can do this and they do. Man that process your food want to make as much money as possible. So to do this, they want you to weigh at least 300 pounds if you are small.

One thing that they add to food is not a food and is addictive and makes you eat much more. Can you guess what you eat everyday that is not a food. The answer is salt. Salt is not a food. To see how good it is, taste it by itself. You will probably spit it out. That tells you how bad it is. Still it is only one-third as toxic as arsenic is. That is according to the LD50 chart that tells you how much to consume to kill 50% of that animals.

You can use it as little or as much as you want. It is yours to use. It is your birthright and also that of every animal. It is up to you to try tasting different foods. Like Queen Elizabeth says that best tasting fruit is the mangosteen. It has nothing to do with the mango. Mark Twain says the best tasting fruit is the cherimoya or custard apple. It is called that since it has the taste and texture of custard.

For better digestion it has been found that it is better to eat fruit first. You can try it yourself and see if it works for you. Also you may have better digestion if you wait 15 minutes before you start eating vegetables. Also another suggestion is not to drink any liquids with what you eat. Drink as much as you want before you eat and wait at least an hour after you eat before drinking any liquid. Note I am not saying that must do it. I am saying to try it.

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