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 children eat while they are a baby


What the children eat ?1,Guest Posting for a child to eat the following foods for infants Rice noodles. With corn flour, millet, rice porridge made. With potatoes, carrots, cauliflower made of vegetable puree. Apple, banana, pear, plum, peach made of fruit puree. Minced meat, liver, fish at the end of. 2, America child nutritionist recommended to parents "top ten children's food" fresh fruit. Green vegetables, skim milk, skinless chicken, fish, Cereals, lean beef, whole wheat biscuits, corn flakes, potato chips, popcorn. 3, the experts announced the "ten not children's food". Soda, hamburgers, hot dogs, whole milk, butter, meat, sausage, pizza, chocolate, ice cream.

Don't give the baby to eat what the 1 small food. Kids chewing ability is poor, the movement of the tongue is inconsistent. Small food extremely fallibility breathed into the windpipe, dangerous. Such as peanuts, popcorn, soybeans, Zhen Ziren, children should not eat, although adults look best not to eat. Bone in meat. The 2 children not to eat pork ribs, bone residue is easy to stab the oral mucosa, or stuck in the throat. It is best to eat fish to eat fish, parents to splinter into fish net, pressure mud to the children to eat, is to peel the net. 3 eat less easy digestion and absorption of food. Such as bamboo shoots, fried soybeans, raw turnip, potato head etc.. Do not eat salty foods, such as pickles, salted egg, children's meals should be light. 4 do not eat too much greasy food. Such as fat and fried food. 5 do not eat unhealthy food. Especially the street stalls of food. 6 do not eat hot excitant food, such as alcohol, coffee cola, tea and beverages, chili, garlic etc..

From 4 to 6 months to add supplementary food to children, to supplement insufficient nutrients in breast milk. Artificial feeding of children complementary feeding time may be appropriate in advance, but should be based on the physiological condition and the baby's body need to choose the right foods, add complementary plan formulation. At the same time to follow this principle: from small to large quantities, from thin to thick, from fine to coarse, from one to multiple. Add a food supplement must be in child health, digestive function is normal and sick, the best suspension added, not arbitrary or be anxious for success, to follow the laws of science, otherwise easy to cause adverse reactions children indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea etc.. First add liquids in 4~5 months, such as rice, orange juice, tomato juice, vegetable juice, to supplement the vitamins C, A and minerals. About 5 months to add egg yolk, rotten porridge, fish, vegetables, fruits mud mud mud, can first fed egg yolk: cooked egg yolk crushed, mixed with a little milk into a paste, with a small spoon feeding; 1 times a day, starting from 1/4 egg yolks, feeding 2~3 days after all normal children may be increased to half an egg yolk, and then observe the 2~3 days, gradually increased to eat an egg yolk, to 6~7 months to eat steamed egg custard; other puree, puree add similar method. 6~7 months to eat live paste, fish paste, minced meat, biscuits, bananas, tofu, animal blood. 8~9 months after the gradually eat Boiled Egg, soft rice, noodles, wonton, dumplings, egg cake, meat, chopped vegetables etc.. Add a food supplement can be combined with the feeding time together can be the first meal after feeding, to 6~7 months after between the 2 breast-feeding to eat, and gradually reduce the number of daily feeding.

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