Lose Weight While You Party This Season

Jan 15


Catherine Bin

Catherine Bin

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Dr Shikha Sharma reminds her members at Nutri Health System to follow these recommendations to the tee and feel the inches drop, this party season:

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Our dates are booked. Dresses are ironed out. Shoes are shining bright. Oh! But did you forget to get rid of those bulges? Well,Lose Weight While You Party This Season Articles if you are still thinking of losing weight and waiting for New Year’s resolution, it is not too late.

You can still lose weight while partying hard. All you need is a bit of sensibility and self control.

Partying involves spending minutes dressing up, commuting, socializing, chatting and dancing. It is a calorie intensive process.

You can lose weight with the right approach and maintaining your focus. Dr Shikha Sharma reminds her members at Nutri Health System to follow these recommendations to the tee and feel the inches drop, this party season:

·         You know that you have a socially busy week ahead, so plan your diet schedule accordingly well in advance. Start maintaining a food diary if you haven’t already.

·         An early morning brisk walk or a mid afternoon stroll at work would do you good to keep your metabolism up. You can also plan a 15 minute power on spot jogging before your shower to start partying.

·         Plan your diet a day ahead. You know that you will be attending a party tonight so, stock up on fruits, veggies, and low calorie beverages the whole day. But before you start for the party eat a whole grain cottage cheese sandwich or a paneer stuffed chapatti. This multi grain and protein combination will keep you full and prevent binge eating at the party and also allow alcohol tolerance at the night out.

·         Avoid soft drinks, juices and mock tails as far as possible. Limit yourself to water, lemon sodas and diet sodas at the party. An article by Registered Dietitian Joy Bauer has a very interesting suggestion. She recommends that order your booze with calorie free sodas. Keep the cocktails light, and small portions.

·         In case you are confused what to eat while dining out, well these are a few food labels that you should certainly avoid:

o   Fried

o   Ghee

o   Cream

o   Butter

o   Mayo

o   White Sauce


·         Go easy on the breads and rice. A bit of protein (veg/non-veg) with veggies and salads are best bets at night outs.

·         Shake a leg if you can or just walk and talk more. Avoid sitting at a party if possible, will help burn a few calories more J.

·         Skip the desserts for sure.

The whole pint of a party is to enjoy the company of people and not food. Dr. Shikha Sharma at Nutri Health Systems recommends that the day after the party should be devoted to detoxifying the body. She suggests drinking plenty of fresh water, coconut water, clear soups and thin dals the next day. Aloe vera juice and green tea make superb decoction to cleanse the system of food and alcohol build up.

Refresh your diet plan next day by consulting your dietitian for the next steps to your weight loss. Dietitians at Nutri Health Systems offer interesting diet suggestions for the party season which are easy and practical.

“Being on a diet doesn’t mean that you deprive yourself of life”, says Dr. Shikha Sharma. Enjoy socializing but respect your body and taking good care of it is important too. So, be good by eating good is the sum up of this article. Happy partying while losing weight. Cheers!

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