Pearly Penile Papules Treatment Options For Men

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Pearly penile papules treatment options are out there for men who have identified the bumps on their genitals as such. Read on to learn what options exist for this condition.

Many men will be relieved to learn about pearly penile papules treatment options. When a male finds something unusual occurring on his penis,Guest Posting it is usually cause for grave concern. The first thought for a man is usually that he has contracted a type of sexually transmitted disease. He may think of all the horrific stories he's heard about syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts or HIV. He may think his girlfriend or wife has been unfaithful to him or he may think of all the women he's been with and wonder which one was the culprit. Going to the doctor will put these fears to rest because PPP is not a sexually transmitted disease. He can breathe a sigh of relief and then learn more about the condition he's developed. 

Pearly penile papules are called Hirsuties papillaris genitalis in the medical community. These are tiny bumps along the tip or crown of the penis. This is actually a dermatological condition which is simply classified as a variation of normal. It is more common than many men would suspect since not many males tell each other about it. It most often occurs in men who have not been circumcised. Estimates of percentages of those with the lesions ranges from 8% to 48%. The most common age range is between the ages of twenty and thirty years. Here are a few points about regarding treatment options:

- Not a disease: Sufferers of PPP must realize that this isn't a disease. It's not sexually transmitted and will not harm a person. The main complaint is with the visual appearance of these bumps. Many men are embarrassed and even withdraw sexually. Having shame and low self esteem can be harmful, however, and reason to seek some form of pearly penile papules treatment.

- Electrosurgery: One method of treatment involves a scraping technique followed by cauterization of the region to control bleeding. This is also called electrodessication with curettage. It can be a painful solution, but numbing agents and pain medication is given to the patient.

- Surgical incision: Cutting away the bumps surgically is another method for removal. Scarring will occur but should fade over time.

- CO2 Laser: The lasers of today are revolutionary tools that target specific regions without damaging surrounding tissue. The CO2 laser used in pearly penile papules treatment is no different. This method has found great success when implemented by an experienced medical practitioner.

- Freezing technique: While genital warts can be remedied with freezing, pearly penile papules do not always respond so well. Success has been mixed with this method.

- Masturbation has no effect: There are rumors that masturbating more or less will get rid of the tiny bumps, but this isn't true. Masturbation has no effect on this condition. 

Pearly penile papules treatment does exist for men who are seeking removal of the bumps. It would be wise to go to a doctor with experience in removing PPP to discuss the options available.

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