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Many people have questions about pearly penile papules treatment. Here are some answers.

Many individuals have questions about pearly penile papules treatment. Many men are embarrassed to ask question about this malady or to even let others know that they have it. When a man sees something unfamiliar on his penis,Guest Posting he usually immediately thinks of the worst case scenarios such as sexually transmitted diseases or cancer. He may be scared of what he might find out if he goes to his doctor and so he may just live with the fear and questions. It’s never a good idea to keep fears bottled up. Here are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions about PPP and its treatment possibilities.

- What is PPP? Pearly penile papules is a skin condition which appears around the head of a man’s penis. Papules are tiny cyst-like bumps that are pearly and shiny, thus the name.

- Are these bumps dangerous? No; in fact some doctors state that they are as harmless as an ordinary freckle. They are not a disease, scar or wound.

- Is PPP contagious? No; just like freckles aren’t contagious, these miniscule cysts aren’t passed from person to person. They can’t be caught by using dirty towels at the gym, from one’s girlfriend nor can a man pass them to others in these manners.

- Are they related to sexually transmitted diseases? No; even though they are on a male’s sex organ, these papules aren’t related to any sort of sexual activity.

- How many people have PPP? Estimates vary especially because many individuals don’t tell anyone about them. Approximately 10% of the population has gone to a medical doctor about this condition.

- What sort of medical doctor should a man see if he has these bumps appear? A person could go to his family doctor or he could see a dermatologist. For maladies affecting the penis, a urologist is also a physician to consult.

- Can PPP be cured? While there is no 100% cure for pearly penile papules, there are ways to get rid of the cosmetic appearance of them. Lasering is one technique that many have turned to in order to return the skin in this region to a smooth surface. There are other methods which have also been tried such as freezing or surgical removal but these techniques haven’t shown high success rates.

- Should a man try to get rid of them? This will be an individual decision that a male will need to make for himself. While these bumps aren’t dangerous or contagious, many individuals are embarrassed about them which may curtail their social life. If the malady is causing shame or self esteem issues, consulting with a doctor about options for removal might be in order.

Pearly penile papules treatment can prevent embarrassment to a man but he should rest assured that they won’t harm him or anyone else that he comes into contact with. The papules aren’t sexually transmitted, affect one in ten males and can be treated with a laser in order to return the skin to a smooth surface. If an individual had concerns or further questions about pearly penile papules treatment, he should make an appointment with his physician.

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