You May Have Pearly Penile Papules

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There are so many skin conditions that can come from out of nowhere. Pearly Penile Papules is a condition that affects men on the penis. It is important to see a doctor if you find any strange bumps or rashes in this area.

If you find some small bumps on your penis that almost look like a string of pearls in the way they are arranged,Guest Posting then you might have pearly penile papules. At first glance these little bumps might make you wonder if you have something serious or an STD. Not to worry, these bumps are most likely pearly penile papules. If that is what they are, then they are completely benign.

Anytime you find a growth on your body, it is a good idea to watch it for a few days to a week and then call the doctor and go in to have it checked. It may be something as simple as pearly penile papules, but it is always best to have the condition checked to make sure. It will probably be somewhat embarrassing to you, but is it is definitely better to verify a condition than to make assumptions or just sit and worry about it.

Pearly penile papules can be removed fairly easily, but it is actually not necessary to remove them. If they are causing you pain or embarrassment then you may choose to have them removed. There are several methods of removal. One method that is fairly simple is the CO2 laser. It is somewhat painful, but to cut some of the pain, lidocaine and numbing cream is used. There is also a recovery time of about two weeks with this method. There will probably be some swelling and scabbing with this method as well. There are other methods for you to consider that might seem better for you personally. Ask your doctor for his or her recommendations.

Your primary care physician may not know enough about this skin condition to give a complete diagnosis or treat it, so you may be referred to a skin specialist to see what should be done for you. Make sure that your insurance company will cover this referral as well as any treatments.

Once you get an exact diagnosis from a specialist, you might feel more at ease about just letting them be. It is a bad idea to do any kind of treatment on your own.
Trying to remove them yourself or pop them could cause you major problems including infection. It is always best to have a doctor treat issues like this.

Hopefully, finding out that you just have pearly penile papules will be a relief since they are not serious. It is easy sometimes to think the worst. It is nice when the diagnosis is not the worst case scenario.

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