What is Hiatal Hernia Surgery?

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Hiatal hernia is a problem related to the abdomen. In which the stomach starts sliding towards the chest.

Hiatal hernia is a problem related to the abdomen. In which the stomach starts sliding towards the chest. Hiatal hernia surgery cures the problem of hiatal hernia. The term hernia is also called in simple words,Guest Posting descending of the intestine. But it is related to the stomach. Which gets better after surgery.




When is hiatal hernia surgery needed?



In most cases of hiatal hernia, there are no complete symptoms. Symptoms include heartburn, acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD). With medications and lifestyle changes, Hiatal hernias can be cured without surgery. But in some cases, doctors recommend surgery, such as:


Not getting relief from medicines even after symptoms appear

Due to the compression of the hernia, there is no flow of blood to the herniated tissue, this condition can prove to be fatal.

Bleeding, blistering or narrowing in the food pipe, which is known as an esophageal stricture.



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What should I know before having hiatal hernia surgery?


Not everyone needs hiatal hernia surgery. For patients who do not have an effect of medicines, then doctors recommend hiatal hernia surgery to them.


What are the side effects of hiatal hernia surgery?

Some of the potential risks of hiatal hernia surgery are as follows:


  • Infection
  • bleeding
  • soreness around the abdomen
  • sedation or numbness side effects
  • pneumoniae
  • blood clotting
  • Swelling because the abdomen is tied tight after surgery.
  • heart problems


Burning sensation in the chest



Most people feel abdominal pain after laparoscopy surgery. Along with this, there is swelling in the chest part. Which can be cured in 48 hours.

In surgery, some people feel pain along with tingling or burning where the surgeon makes the incision.

There are many complications in hiatal hernia surgery. You should be aware of all these. But it is not necessary that these side effects appeared in everyone.


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How should I prepare myself for hiatal hernia surgery?


The doctor will tell you how to prepare for surgery. Follow all the instructions given by your doctor before surgery:


You should walk three to four kilometers daily before surgery.

breathing exercises should be done

Quit smoking four weeks before surgery

You may need to stop taking a heart medicine called clopidogrel a week before your surgery.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) medicines should be taken no earlier than a week.

You will not have to eat or drink anything for 12 hours before surgery. So don't stay on a liquid diet. Your surgeon will take care of you.



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What is the procedure involved in hiatal hernia surgery?



It takes about three hours to perform hiatal hernia surgery. This surgery is done in three ways.


  • open repair
  • laparoscopic repair
  • Endoluminal Fundoplication

The anesthetist will make you numb or sedated as needed to perform all types of surgery. After that, the surgery will be started.


open repair

This surgery is rarely used. In this surgery, the surgeon makes a large incision between the abdomen and the chest. Then, the surgeon returns the stomach to the correct location. At the same time, the esophagus is tied tightly so that the stomach cannot slide up again. Simultaneously, the surgeon will place a tube in the abdomen but will remove it after four weeks. Then stitches are placed on the incision.



laparoscopic repair

The risk of infection with the laparoscopic repair is negligible. In this surgery, the surgeon will make small incisions in three to five places in the abdomen. Through these incisions, the laparoscope is inserted into the abdomen. The laparoscope sends pictures of the inside of the abdomen to the monitor. Seeing which the surgeon understands how to treat. The surgeon then places the stomach in the abdominal cavity and the surgeon ties the upper part of the stomach and the lower part of the esophagus. Then stitches are placed on the incision.



Endoluminal Fundoplication

Endoluminal fundoplication is a relatively new procedure. In this, the risk of any kind of infection is very less. In this surgery, the surgeon does not make an incision. Rather, the endoscope is sent through the mouth into the stomach. The endoscope has a camera attached to it, which sends pictures of the inside of the abdomen to a monitor. It is through the endoscope that the surgeon places a clip between the stomach and the esophagus. Which prevents the acid present in the stomach and food from coming into the esophagus.


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What happens after hiatal hernia surgery?



After hiatal hernia surgery, your doctor will advise you to gently clean the incision and stitches for surgery with soap and water.

You can go home on the third or fifth day after open surgery. While there, you can go home the next day for other surgeries.

You can go back to the office or work after three months.

Avoid bathing in the pool, tub, shower, etc.

After surgery, doctors put you on a special diet. Which you have to eat little by little four to six times a day. That's why first of all your stay on a liquid diet.

Always take the medicines given by the surgeon with food.

Apart from all these things, if you face any kind of problem, then definitely meet and consult your surgeon and doctor.





How should I take care of myself after hiatal hernia surgery?


There are a few things you need to ignore after hiatal hernia surgery:


  • don't drink anything from a pipe
  • Do not take gas producing food
  • don't drink carbonated drinks
  • do not drink alcohol
  • Do not eat things made of tomatoes

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