What Is The Scope Of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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Every woman has a desire to look sensuous and stylish. But, there are many who try different escapes to enhance their look by using add-ons like padded bra. However, this temporary solution can be done away with if breast implants are considered. 

Every woman has a desire to look sensuous and stylish. But,Guest Posting there are many who try different escapes to enhance their look by using add-ons like padded bra. However, this temporary solution can be done away with if breast implants are considered. Yes, that’s right! We are talking about breast augmentation which is a surgical procedure to help women in increasing the size, shape or to attain the fullness of breast. But, before going under knife to enhance your assets, you should know some basics of breast augmentation surgery.

To start with, when a lady who is not happy with the current characteristics of her breasts and decides to get them corrected, then, the breast implant plays a crucial role in the surgery. Well, it is not always the decision to complement femininity, but, some also look for a solution to get post-partum involution corrected. On the other hand, asymmetry of breasts is also improved by opting for augmentation. Specifically talking about the surgery, there are three common types of breast implants characterized on the basis of their fillers, namely, silicone gel, saline solution and alternative composite breast implants under the chest tissue. To make it simpler, breast implant are medical devices which are utilized in the surgery while placing them in breast tissue to increase the breasts’ size.

Types of breast implants explained

Saline implants: These implants comprise of silicone elastomer shell which is strong in nature. They are filled with a sterile saline solution when the breast augmentation surgery is being carried out.

Silicone implants: In these breast implants, viscous silicone gel is filled at the time of surgery. This is one of the most common methods preferred implants.

Alternative composite implants: Various fillers are used in this type of breast implants including soy oil and polypropylene. However, these implants are not so popularly manufactured at present.

Procedures of breast augmentation surgery

Inflammatory fold or sub-pectoral
As a part of this procedure, incision is involved under the breast further enabling the surgeon to get a proper control of implant positioning. On a factual note, inflammatory fold or sub-pectoral process is used in over 70-80% cases of breast augmentation. This procedure of breast augmentation surgery is suitable for elderly patients or mothers as sagging condition of breasts is quite obvious in such cases. It is this natural sag which helps incision of this surgical procedure to effectively work on the augmentation part. Nevertheless, in the case of lean women who are married, but do not have children with no crease under their breast are likely to get more scars with this surgery for breast augmentation.

The incision is made around nipple areolar complex in this procedure and the scar gets blended in the areola edge. Women who undergo this surgery may have problem in breast feeding or nipple sensation after the process as the incision is made near milk producing parts of the breast. On the contrary, this procedure for breast augmentation can be chosen by the women who have small breasts with no fold underneath.

Trans umbilical breast augmentation (TUBA)
In this comparatively modern approach of breast augmentation, the incision is made through belly button. A small fibre-optic camera also known as endoscope is mined through the incision to a pocket under the breast. It should be noted that TUBA delivers the best outcome for subglandular saline implants. If any complication arises in this type of breast augmentation surgery, then, addition incision near the breast is made.

Is breast augmentation the definite solution?

It is the experienced surgeon who decides whether you are a good candidate for the breast augmentation procedure or not. This cosmetic surgery procedure can be possibly carried out if you are in good physical health and there have been no signs of illness in the past. Be it serious illness or any infection, if your medical history includes the same, then, it should be discussed with the surgeon. Furthermore, you should be in healthy frame of mind to take decision of undergoing knife for breast augmentation as this is a permanent process. On a whole, you will be a good candidate for this surgical procedure if risks and rewards are understood in advance.

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