What to Do When You Have Pearly White Papules

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Men who discover they have pearly white papules might be at a loss of what to do. At first someone might be frightened, and then he might just be embarrassed by them.

Men who find small bumps on their penis might be frightened that it is a serious condition. A condition like this can sometimes be painful,Guest Posting so this is also something to be concerned about. If you find something like this, then you should go to the doctor. It is possible that you have pearly white papules. It is a benign condition that has the appearance of a string of pears due to their dome shape and the way they are usually arranged.

Visiting a doctor is always the best course of action when you discover any type of growth or rash. If it is pearly white papules, then you might find that it will go away. Most men who experience this are in their 20s and 30s, so at that young age it might be especially disconcerting to have strange rashes or bumps like this. Once you go to the doctor and get a diagnosis, you will probably be given a few options. Your primary care doctor may send you to a dermatologist where you might have the option of a few different treatments or leaving them alone to see if they go away on their own.

Some of the treatments for pearly white papules sound worse than they actually are. For most of them, the area will somehow be numbed so that it will not be too painful. You might be given the options for freezing them off, having them lasered off, cut out, or scraped and cauterized. These do not sound like happy options, but you may just want to get rid of them. The worst of the options is probably the one where they are cut out because this requires sutures and it takes some of the surrounding skin as well.

When you find out you have this condition, you may not know what to do. That is fine. There is no rush. They are not cancerous and will not turn into cancer. It is really your decision as to whether you want to deal with the discomfort they might currently cause, or if you want to deal with the discomfort of having them removed.

Some of your decision might need to be determined by your insurance status. If your insurance does not cover such a procedure and you cannot afford it on your own, then you may decide to hold off on having them removed.

If the pearly white papules ever become so painful either physically or emotionally that you are struggling to cope with it, then you should definitely have them removed. It should help you to know that they are not serious, but it is understandable why some might want them removed.

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