4 Hours Using about Xbox 360 GPU Fix at Home

Dec 4


Duff Borny

Duff Borny

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Do you have the Xbox 360 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) error?


And do you want to know how to fix it yourself?

Firstly,4 Hours Using about Xbox 360 GPU Fix at Home Articles you should know the overheating is the main affect to your Graphics Processing Unit. It can cause a console’s main board to fail because flexing loose at the board.

Since 2005 the console had released and Microsoft gave the 90 days warranty for Xbox 360 consoles. And the Xbox consoles which’re over warranty were charged $140 for Xbox 360 GPU fix at Microsoft. And after July 2007 Microsoft extended the Xbox console warranty.

The error in the Xbox design is the cooling system. The GPU which is fixed on the motherboard gets looses the soldering when the console’s overheating. 3 red lights are flashing and this freezes your Xbox 360.

Repairing Procedure

This will describe the Xbox 360 GPU fix by yourself.

  • Slowly remove your Xbox case. You can see some grayed out holes and small rectangular holes, Use small screwdriver or something to poke it. Faceplate can be moved, latch up on the DVD drive is moved. Take the Xbox 360 case off.

  • Remove the motherboard. Unplug all the cables and take out the DVD drive. Then, disassemble the fan out of the Xbox 360 case.

  • In this step please be carefully. Gently disassemble the X-clamp that’s under the sink. You have to unscrew heat sink and get CPU and Graphics Processing Unit.

  • Finally, clean the CPU and Graphics Processing Unit. Silver thermal compound (can be found in general computer hardware store) is applied to clean them.

  • Replace them all and restart again, if the Xbox 360 is still error you have 2 ways to choose.

1)     Send Xbox console to Microsoft, pay $140 if it isn’t under warranty and wait for 2 or 3 months.

2)     Xbox 360 GPU fix by yourself, buy and study the Xbox 360 repair guide that can be found widely on the internet (only $20-$40), and you can fix it easily within 1-2 hours. Or you can visit my website to see top 3 most popular Xbox repair guides.

The best option that you’ve got to fix your Xbox 360 GPU Fix is to repair it yourself. And as I’ve said before, it’s highly recommended to use an Xbox 360 Repair Guide.

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