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Attention woodworking craftsmen. Are you ready to design your deck and start building your decking arena to accommodate your hot tub or your swimming pool?

Now is the time to design your deck for your new lifestyle.

Money and time are on your side for a home project which you have wanted to do for a long time. Now is the time to design a deck for your lifestyle. The deck with all the wonderful accessories to accommodate this new woodworking project will house the new hot tub.

 Questions are important in order to arrive at solutions for your deck building project.

  1. What is the design of your house and the grounds layout?
  1. What function do you want your decking area to serve?
  1. What are the financial estimates to complete the decking?
  1. Do you want to design your own decking,Guest Posting purchase professionally designed decking or have the designs drafted by an architect or a deck designer?

What is the design of your house and the grounds layout?

Build a simple free standing matching decking area next to the house to continue the architectural theme of your home. The land and the land area around the house need to be able to support the intended structure.

Other options to consider when designing a deck for your lifestyle will include:

  1. A total wrap-around decking about the entire house.
  2. Construct a singular decking in front of the dining room, living room or bedroom.
  3. Design a split-plan.
  4. Attach decking to another building such as a gazebo or a greenhouse.
  5. Attach an extension to the front or the back porch.
  6. Build decking along one side of the house.
  7. Build decking on the second floor for private sun bathing.

The site locations must be stable and offer security for the type of decking you wish to build. You want dry flat ground for decking being built to house a hot tub. If your house is along side of a mountain or near water, stilts will be necessary. If land area is limited; second floor decking will be ideal.

What function do you want your decking area to serve?

Design your deck for function as well as for house and property enhancement. These are deck functions:

  1. Extension for more room and storage bins
  2. Protection
  3. Entertaining
  4. Flower and plant arrangements
  5. swimming pool
  6. Hot tub
  7. Spa
  8. Play area for children
  9. Sun bathing
  10. Reading and conversation
  11. Games
  12. Outdoor kitchen and dining
  13. Outdoor grilling
  14. Gardening
  15. gazebo

What are the financial estimates to complete the decking?

What your budget can afford is very important. However, decking is not a wasted effort. It is an investment in the house and property value and becomes a financial asset.

Do you want to design your own decking, purchase professionally designed decking, or have the designs drafted by an architect or a deck designer?

This decision will be based on your woodworking skills, budget, and personal preferences.

Examples from my personal experiences:

  1. Shop retail stores, catalogs, woodworking trade magazines, decking manuals, and other sources for deck design ideas
  1. Have family discussions to hear different viewpoints
  1. Decide on what you want and consider alternatives if adjustments have to be made
  1. Check your local zoning laws
  1. Ask neighbors and friends of their experiences with architects and deck contractors
  1. Purchase what you cannot build yourself or hire someone else to build
  1. If you want anything done right DO IT YOURSELF!

Your personal enjoyment from the decking will provide hours of relaxation for self, friends, and relatives. See yourself dining with your loved ones over a salad and grilled steak. After some general conversations you can show off your beautiful plants or play a few card games under the shady canopy. Later in the day you may want to sit on the swing and stare at the evening stars or enjoy a final dip in the hot tub before retiring for the night.

Design a deck for your lifestyle today. Visit the hobbies section of Infotrish at and review Welcome Woodworking Enthusiasts. Do download your free shed plan.

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