Choosing The Right Seed beads For Your Project Is Important

May 29


Sanjana Antony

Sanjana Antony

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Beads that are small in size are generally called seed beads. Seed beads can find many uses in a wide variety of craft such as loom work, jewelry, embroidery, quilting and some other art projects.


The art of jewelry making was revolutionized with the introduction of latest and modern bead making technology. Any small glass bead is generically called seed beads. These beads are available in different sizes ranging from less than one millimeter to several millimeters. They are heavily used in loom and off loom beading. The smaller sized beads are perfectly suitable for jewelry making while large sized beads are used in embellishing clothes. These beads are also used as spacers in between other expensive beads in jewelry making.


Understanding the sizes


As seed beads are available in different sizes,Choosing The Right Seed beads For Your Project Is Important Articles you have to understand how to choose the right size. Your jewelry making project will be successful only with the right beads. If you don’t have beads in stock, then you should purchase beads according to your project. If you have beads in hand, then you must choose your project accordingly. The seed beads are available in sizes as 6/0, 8/0, 11/0, 13/0, 15/0 and other sizes. The sizes are pronounced as number and aught. For example, a 6/0 bead is called six aught bead. The smaller the number, the bigger is the bead size. Generally, the size represents the number of beads that can be placed within an inch. However, different manufacturers interpret sizing slightly differently.


Knowing the shapes


Even though seed beads are generally round in shape, the most common shapes are donut shaped beads and tubular shaped beads called bugle beads. Cube shaped beads and hexagon cut beads are not uncommon. Beads in the shape of triangle and square can also be found. Twin beads with two holes are also useful in making some antique jewelry. Teardrop shaped beads can be used in jewelry according to your imagination. As with size, you can create unique patterns in jewelry with the right shapes for your project.


Knowing the manufacturers


Needless to say, not all beads are made the same way. Different manufacturers use different techniques and as a result, you can find beads in different qualities. Purchasing beads made by reputable manufacturers will give you an opportunity to create wonderful jewelry. Cheap beads are generally poor in quality and they won't have uniformity in shapes. This can drastically reduce the look and feel of your jewelry. Japanese manufacturers such as Miyuki, Matsuno, and Toho are highly recognized names in the bead making industry. Czech republic beads are also superior in quality and they are much more affordable than Japanese beads. If you want to add a rustic feel to your jewelry, purchase seed beads made in China, Africa or India as these manufacturers don’t maintain machine cut precision.


Buying seed beads


Some manufacturers sell beads by hank, where a specific number of beads are stringed together in strands and strands are sold as bundles. Generally, 12-14 strands of beads in lengths of 14-19” are found in a hank. Some manufacturers offer beads according to their gram weight. On the internet, you can find several wholesale bead stores that sell unique selection of beads and purchasing from these stores will save you a lot of time and money.