Fact Or Fiction: Ringing A Brass Bell Brings Good Luck

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Redesigning your home, no matter how large it is, can be extremely difficult to do because of the options available. Bright colors and neutral colors are just two options that homeowners can turn to when redecorating their home. Sometimes compromising on the decor can be hard to do if you want something very different from your spouse. For example, a nautical theme can be a great way to bring in a brass bell and other items while bringing in some colors as well. 

Redesigning your home,Guest Posting no matter how large it is, can be extremely difficult to do because of the options available. Some want a simple neutral design while others want bright splashes of colors and vibrant designs. Sometimes compromising on the decor can be hard to do if you want something very different from your spouse. Brass bells are very popular these days because they fit right in with nautical themes. 
The brass bell was once the main form of communications on board many classic ships. They used them in various things like warnings, keeping their time and keeping order on the ship. In some places, it is a symbol of the US Navy. One of the most common ways the bell was used on a large ship was to warn others of its presence during fog. This would let others know that the ship was there when they otherwise would have been unaware until it was too late. When the ship was under attack, had run aground, or caught fire, the brass bell was rung to warn the crew members of the emergency. They had certain ways the bells would be rung so everyone knew what the problems were.
Brass bells are used as tropical decor at bars across the country these days. Many bars will ask their customers to ring the bell upon leaving the establishment as a way to say you enjoyed your evening. This lets the employees know you enjoyed the food and the service you were provided. Musical ensembles featuring children also use brass bells to add to the beauty of the voices. 
You can find these brass bells in many different sizes. You can find small ones to hang in a room or larger ones if you are looking for a business use. Sales staffs across the country are motivated by their management teams by using a brass bell. Everytime a sale is made in the office, the brass bell is rung. The ringing of the brass bell signifies an employee’s success, which allows them to brag a little bit, and keeps them on their toes knowing that they are competing with their fellow employees. Using or displaying brass bells has become a popular thing to do for private collectors and major business owners. Some ships still use them in their original capacity of alerting the crew and ceremonious occasions as well. You can see great examples of the bells once used on navy ships in different museums. Historical trips by ships still in commission today sometimes include the renting of brass bells from museums for their journeys. Finding and displaying a brass bell in your home can make your nautical collection one of the best in your circle of friends or your family. The size of the brass bells you purchase for your collection all depends on which room you are going to display them in your home.
If you perform an internet search for these brass bells then you will come across hundreds, if not thousands, of sellers. The bells can be purchased using cash or check and you can have them personally detailed to your liking. You can have them engraved or have them finished with a variety of materials depending on the decor.

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