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Raise you hand if you have a ‘Sewing Room’ all to ... Wait a minute, hold on here, and let me count ... Well you get the picture; people with a ... sewing room are in the lucky

Raise you hand if you have a ‘Sewing Room’ all to yourself.

Wait a minute,Guest Posting hold on here, and let me count them-1-2-3-4. Well you get the picture; people with a dedicated sewing room are in the lucky minority. Most people have to borrow a corner of the Dining room table for their portable machine. Some use the floor as a cutout surface. What are you going to do?

You’re going to get organized; because our Motto is: An organized Sewer is a happy sewer.
See if you can use any of these ideas in your home.

Most pre-1960 sewing machine cabinets were built to hold a sewing machine and a few notions. Very few. Pull out the machine and stick the cabinet on the porch with a pot of marigolds.

Now that your machine is portable, place it on an old lowboy style dresser instead. There's lots of drawers for notions and fabric, and if your lucky enough to have a longer style you could gain some cutting space. You trade off the legroom, but hey you should be getting up and stretching your legs anyway.

If you have a corner, find an old Armoire at the thrift store. Doesn’t have to be pretty, just big. Put a shelf in to hold your machine and drill a hole in the back for a cord. Add a shelf on top for fabric, and some racks for notions on the sides of the leg area, and you have your own sewing room. Hang a sign on it that says keep out (to keep your husband away from your scissors).

Don’t have a sewing cabinet, can’t get an Armoire on top of your Volkswagen? Not to worry. Get a free standing shelf from the Home Depot, one of those metal ones that bolt together and Voila’ you have a sewing room (better hide your scissors though).

Ok, Ok, you live in an efficiency apartment and have no extra wall space. Umm, guess you will have to use the kitchen or dining room table after all.
But that doesn’t give you permission to be disorganized. So, find ways to keep all your sewing stuff in one place. Trudge back to that thrift store and look for an old picnic basket, you know the ones with the extra compartments. Your notions will be in one place and portable.
Check around for one of those nifty plastic thingies that rolls under the bed. You could fit a lot of fabric and notions in there. “ Who are you kidding; I know you’ve been hoarding fabric sister. ”

As a last resort, store your clothes with your husbands in his closet. Make room by giving some of his stuff to the Thrift store. (they will appreciate that, even if he won't). Now that you have an empty closet put up some closet shelves, drill some holes, stack the fabric and .....hide the scissors.

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