How to Make Fast Warhammer 40k Barricades

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This will be for Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, and Lord of the Rings gaming systems, but mostly everything can be transfered into any miniature war gaming system.

In every battle or every war nothing is more important than life or saving your life. You have to find a quick cover or something where you can hide your self. This process is also be a challenge during battle in Wargaming. Not just in real life situations but also in Warhammer gaming.

Instead of finding quick cover where there is a slim chance that you can escape the enemy or avoid the attacks that will be brought to you,Guest Posting why not throw up a or build a few fast barricades to ward or block off some of the incoming enemies. While having a barricade you can think of ideas of how to counter the attacks of your enemies.

For this article you will find and learn tips and tricks on how to make fast and efficient warhammer 40k barricades and ideas for different cover terrain.

Materials to be used:

polystyrene (Styrofoam)



Barricade 1 concrete and rebar/corrugated metal scraps

For this step you will need a piece of polystyrene (Styrofoam) and cardboard (ie. From a pizza box)

Simply shape and cut your Styrofoam into any small shape you can think of. This includes cinder blocks, rebar (made from wires), scratch the Styrofoam with a utility knife, bust out chunks to resemble explosions, basically your finished product will resemble a pile of random debris all piled together into one lump.

After you finally piled together the debris of the Styrofoam,base coat it with an acrylic black for the concrete parts of the debris. Afterwards dry brush it heavily with codex gray. Then lightly dry brush it with skull white.

For the corrugated metal parts, apply blood red paints and then dry brush it with graveyard earth, then finally dry brush with bolt metal gun

Barricade 2 Rusted metal pipes

For the metal pipes it is automatic the we use bendy straws, so grab a stack of plastic bendy straws. Cut them up into various sizes or whatever size that comes up to to your mind then glue them together. Once their were glued together already base coat the straws with acrylic black paint. Next, paint on blood red, ad then dry brush it with graveyard earth, and lightly dry brush with bolt metal gun.

Barricade 3 Corrugated Metal bunker

When creating a corrugated sidings using a cardboard, simply tear the cardboard apart so that you can see its corrugated part inside.

This process is simply constructed using a cardboard and popsicles sticks.

Simply glue together a rectangular shaped bunker with the Popsicle sticks as framing and the cardboard as the exterior simply because of its corrugated part. Base coat it with acrylic black, for rust effects paint it with blood red, then dry brush with graveyard earth, and then finally apply a dry brush coat of bolt metal gun.

You should make the windows fit the height of the guns or weapons that fit your army. To achieve an advantage during gameplay you should not glue the roof, it should be detachable, this is very helpful during gametime.

And that's it, you have now your metal bunker with a barricade.

Hope you have enjoyed some basic barricades and ideas for cover terrain.

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