Piper Aircraft Company Builds On Its Legendary History

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Piper Aircraft - Everything You Need To Know!

Made famous by its distinct bright yellow Piper J-3 Cub in the 1930s,Guest Posting the Piper Aircraft company continues today to build on a tradition that William T. Piper himself laid the groundwork for. This general aviation company has long valued the personal aircraft and continues today to enhance its line under a slightly different name, New Piper Aircraft Inc.

Piper's biggest claim to fame is perhaps not any single model plane. Rather, it is the dedication this company has shown to helping dreamers do. Many of the planes in the company's line have and continue to cater to those on a budget. Putting personal aviation in reach of nearly everyone has been the Piper calling card throughout its entire existence.

The roots of the Piper Aircraft Company and its many traditions were planted when Piper himself joined the board of directors of Taylor Aircraft Company. By the late 1930s, the company became known as the Piper Aircraft Corporation and the J-3 Cub was creating quite a sight in the skies. Piper himself later was dubbed the Henry Ford of Aviation for that creation and many more.

Although the Piper Aircraft Company started out with the small, lightweight J-3, it was not long before the line expanded. Through the years, the company gave birth to a variety of models. The company focused not only on smaller trainer models, but also larger, executive class planes. With a strong mission to create lasting, quality planes that came with reasonable price tags, Piper earned quite the following.

As the makes and models in the Piper line expanded, so too did the number of fans for these unique creations. From the first twin-engine Apache to the new PiperJet that offers speeds of up to 360 knots, the company has been on the cutting edge of personal aviation since its inception. With legendary planes such as the Comanche, Aztec and Navajo to its credit, Pipers have long been used by the military, as well. Their other practical uses extend to the working industry, where they are retrofitted as bush planes, crop dusters and more.

While some planes in the Piper line have always catered to the business class, the company has never lost sight of its smaller training line either. In fact, most training schools in the United States have at least a Piper model or two around for student use and rental. Private pilots who cannot afford to buy a plane or do not want to often find Pipers the most affordable on the rental market, as well.

Today, the Piper Aircraft Company has taken great pains to continue its close association with the training industry. The Warrior III is the answer to this need. This model plane comes with a price tag that's less than most houses today and offers four seats for pilot, trainer and passenger comfort.

The impact the Piper Aircraft Company has had on general aviation is widely evidenced. From the "legendary" status of the J-3 Cub to the number of private Piper clubs all over America, Canada and even Europe, this company's mark is undeniable.

The Piper Aircraft Company's history began in the 1930s with a single man and a vision. It continues to be written today as the New Piper makes its mark on the industry. Only time will tell what is next for this old company with a new name.

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