Pros and Cons of Clasps Magnetic

Dec 17


Sanjana Antony

Sanjana Antony

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Learn more about the benefits of clasps magnetic along with some not so popular drawbacks.


Whether you are buying or creating your own jewelry pieces, there are lots of jewelry clasps that you can choose to connect the two ends of a piece together. One such type of clasp that is becoming popular among artists and wearers is the clasps magnetic.  This type of clasp uses medium strength magnets and is often seen as the connecting component of necklaces and bracelets. There are both advantages and disadvantages that most jewelry artisans find when they use these clasps magnetic.


The biggest advantage of clasps magnetic is the ease of putting the necklace/bracelet on and off.  In many cases,Pros and Cons of Clasps Magnetic Articles you just hold both ends of this jewelry clasp to meet each other, and together they will snap. Taking your jewelry on and off will take only a second to do so, making this fastener ideal in the morning when you are hurrying to be ready for work and you do not have much time to spend putting on your jewelry with traditional clasps. The clasps magnetic will fasten in less than a second.


When you get home from office or school or elsewhere, you may feel very tired and the only thing that you want to do is to take off your jewelry quickly and lay down to rest for a while. With a traditional clasp, you may not do the unfastening very quickly.  The clasps magnetic will take off by simply sliding the magnets away from each other, and lo!  Your jewelry is undone, and you can have your much desired rest.


Many people find the traditional clasps difficult to put together; and their fingers and nails get hurt in the process.  With clasps magnetic, you need not worry about this issue. You can be like other people who believe that the magnetic clasps are the only types of clasps that they can use in fastening their jewelry pieces. If you are suffering from arthritis or are having dexterity problems, then this type of clasp is the one that you need.  Even small children may favor using the clasps magnetic over the traditional clasps.


While there are advantages in using clasps magnetic, there are also some disadvantages.  As we know, magnets stick to metals, so if your have this type of clasp in your bracelet, and your hands come into contact with some metals, such as when you ride a bus, you might find it inconvenient when the clasp sticks with the metal handle of the bus.  This is also not recommended for use by people who are using pacemakers


I do not know if it should be considered a disadvantage, but some people find it a drawback when they find that clasps magnetic are not always available on most pieces of jewelry.  So, if you want a magnetic clasp on a bracelet or necklace, you will have to buy it separately and request the jeweler to attach it to the piece. I do not think there is a big issue on this. It is just a matter of replacing the traditional clasp with a magnetic one.