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Are you looking for online singing lessons to take your voice to one level up, then you may also be confused considering things such as:

  • How to increase the vocal range such that the high notes come easy
  • How to maintain tone quality
  • How to sing easily so that you sing for hours and your voice does not hurt


The foremost thing to sing well is to “practice scales” over and again. Your voice is same as an instrument. You will sound great,Guest Posting if you play correctly, but that also again calls for learning correct techniques to be heard well.


One good news is that singing is easier to master than other instruments, especially with proper training.  This is easier because once you know the correct method to learn, working on improving it is quicker.  Here, an important thing is to use the correct method, try it online or learn it through vocal instructors.


To really sing well, three systems should be in harmony namely:

  • Breath support
  • Vocal resonance
  • Coordination of vocal chords


If you are adept in coordinating these three systems, you are sure to sound fantastic and can sing through a large vocal range such that your singing will be easy as talking. Nevertheless, you need to create harmony in these systems and so practice exercising your voice to function properly.  There are online singing lessons, designed specifically to program your voice automatically so that these three systems co-ordinate.


In case you have problems while singing, it is that these systems are not in sync. Do not fret. It can be corrected with proper training. With practice, things are sure to change. If you lack time to go and learn from vocal instructors, take help online with singing lessons and learn to program your voice for singing correctly. With dedicated practice, you will develop the power voice, tone quality and vocal range.


Few singing tips

  • Tip 1: Extend your vocal range by developing a singing voice. This will give a new dimension and add excitement to singing. Extending vocal range means trying different muscle co-ordinations. While singing higher, zip your vocal chords, so that you hit high notes easily.
  • Tip 2: Blend vocal resonances so that your tone resonates in your mouth, throat and nasal cavities. Learn to balance these resonances to get a balanced tone. While singing low notes the mouth and throat feels the resonance, while in highest range singing, the head feels the resonance (nasal cavity).
  • Tip 3: Develop the vocal registers to get great voice such as:
  • Chest voice: This is the voice we speak and here the vocal chords vibrate and the throat and mouth experiences the resonance. The chest voice gives a rich, thick vocal sound.
  • Head voice: The vocal chords are in coordination and this is the usable range. The resonance is in the head cavity or in the nasal. The head voice produces a hooty like sound.
  • Mixed voice: A commercial voice sound that has higher pitch. This is the voice of top artists and their tone quality is sweeter. The resonance is in coordination such that half is in the head cavity and half in the mouth. Learning mixed voice singing is required for commercial success.

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