Six Steps to Buying Abstract Canvas Art Safely Online

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When you buy abstract canvas art online, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.


The Internet has really changed our world in a great,Guest Posting great deal.  Because of the Internet, we no longer have to leave the house just to get our shopping done, and this applies to shopping abstract canvas art to decorate our homes.  Gone are the days when we have to go to a gallery and spend some time looking at abstract canvas art that may not be to our liking.  If we were unlucky, we would leave the gallery empty handed.


Gallery hopping is certainly no longer the trend anymore when buying abstract canvas art; it has been replaced almost entirely by online gallery surfing.  Moreover, buying such art pieces online can be so much fun.  There are so many choices of art pieces that we can select from, and price no longer matters.  We can find beautiful paintings for a very low price if we look hard enough.


However, there are a few things that we should watch out for when buying abstract canvas art pieces online, or any artwork for that matter.  Because the Internet can be too much of an anonymous medium, you can never really be sure if the gallery you are buying artwork from is truly legitimate.  Before you make your purchase, you have to be certain that your purchase is going to be safe.


How can you buy artwork safely online?  Here are six tips that can help you.


1.   Be sure of your choices and make sure you are entering the right information about your choice of artwork before you pay for it.  Really, there are so many artworks to choose from when you buy from galleries online, from made-to-order pieces to commissioned and custom-made artwork.  Just make sure that you have your choices correctly filled out on your order form.


2.   Check the contact details of the online gallery.  It is important that the gallery from which you are buying the abstract canvas art has a telephone number and business address listed on the website.  You can even call up the number to see if the number indeed belongs to the gallery.


3.   See if the checkout system the gallery is using is secure.  Do not buy anything from the gallery if the gallery does not use a reputable checkout system like PayPal, Google Checkout, WorldPay, Moneybookers and other such systems, and if they do not have a certification that says the website is secure from hacking.  If you just pay with your credit card, you cannot be sure if your credit information is safe with them.


4.   Be on the right page when it comes to their return policy.  Because you bought it online, you will never be sure if the painting you ordered is indeed the right painting for you.  You do not have to be encumbered with a painting you do not want as long as you can return it back to the gallery.


5.   When you order your abstract canvas art, make sure that the artwork you are buying has a tracking number and is insured.  Tracking numbers and insurance are your protection; you will never know if your package gets lost in transit.


6.   Call the gallery for more details if you have questions about the abstract canvas art that you have ordered.  Not only is this a great way to check the legitimacy of the business, but you can also finalise whatever details that you want about the abstract canvas art that you are buying, whether you want it in a particular size or colour or if you wish to have the artwork framed.

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