About the great wooden blocks

Jan 6


Kim Hyo Yeon

Kim Hyo Yeon

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How can we find a toy that would force children to put the center of the games in a good way? They need to be exercised to learn that digital toys are not the only option.


Most parents should note about the importance of wooden blocks. In this sense,About the great wooden blocks Articles everyone should rise as an alternative, the use of less sophisticated toys every day and eventually the modern ones should be stored in the nursery to avoid being destroyed by them.  Thanks to mom and dad price paid in supermarket for the point of purchase toys that children cannot be used by express prohibition of the same people who bought them.

To not stop here, just enough to say that something happens with games similar to toys, there are now a new wooden blocks set of games that allow kids encounter with the other and therefore facilitate their social life, the Like his emotional life and on the other hand, have emerged on the market a set of modern toys that make the game of singles and can at any given time hinder the access of small social concert, as opposed to toys and games that makes it easy.

To begin, we say that education systems have been characterized by its rigidity, to transmit knowledge from the perspective of the serious, perhaps as an inheritance from medieval Christianity.  It is worth noting that this proposal was valid and that obviously is not condemned, but is now necessary to reevaluate and make the teaching-learning process in a meeting with the model know a little more dynamic, more participatory and perhaps less aggressive with the student.

Educational toys like wooden blocks and games with versatility must be used in proposals of knowledge, always keeping in mind what you want to transmit. Nothing more satisfying than a young student to evaluate proposals that meet the elements facilitate offered by teachers without stress and enjoyable way.

From the point of view of the Recreation, games are tools that should be used and not as an end that do not allow more than alienate those who participate. Just as we use games to break the ice, we can use to give students a specific topic of literature, science, arithmetic and so on. Similarly one can evaluate a proposal from a recreational activity, allowing participants a less tense to deliver knowledge.

In the mass educational games like wooden blocks, teachers have the opportunity to assess or observe in young students, their socialization process, and their chances both fine and coarse motor. The development of a comet could help a professor of social reinforce teamwork. The making of a meal together, might help young people come to the geographical areas where there are elements that are part of this great food.

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