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Who's advice are you taking as you build your business and how has it been working for you? As you start and build your home business, evaluate the sources of advice you're taking and see how their impacting your level of success.

As I was participating in a group coaching call with my business mentor,Guest Posting one of my colleagues shared a story about how so many people want to give us advice on what they think is best for us as entrepreneurs.

And the funny thing is - the advice is often given by people who have never run a business.

My colleague was working under the guidance of a multi-millionaire while building her business and he had recommended she make specific changes to some marketing materials she was having created.

When she contacted the graphic company to request the changes, the designer became upset and could not understand why my colleague wasn't following her recommendations on how she thought the materials should be presented.

She insisted a meeting be set-up immediately to discuss "the problem."

The designer, who was the owner of the graphic design company, was getting by with her business, although not making any remarkable profit, but felt her recommendations were better for my colleague that those of the multi-millionaire mentor.

Whose advice do you think my colleague took?

As you start and build your business, you will come across many people who want to give you advice on what they think you should be doing, who you should be doing it with, and how you should be doing it.

And the most important thing you need to do before following any advice is consider the source.

How many family members have tried to steer you in a certain direction or give you financial advice? If they aren't rolling in the dough themselves and are living paycheck to paycheck, seek out someone who has already achieved the level of success you're seeking and ask them for guidance.

Although the intentions of family and friends are often good, they have a personal interest in you – an investment in the outcome. Your results will have an impact them so it's difficult for them to offer input from an objective standpoint.

How many fellow business owners have tried to influence your decisions, yet have only achieved mediocre results themselves?

The Internet is filled with products and offers promising you millions, while the people behind them are struggling to pay the rent.

The best advice for you as a home-based business owner is to seek out people who are already proven to be at the level of success you want for yourself. Look up the ladder and choose someone several rungs higher and ask for their help in climbing.

Free advice is available in every direction you turn and the important thing to be wary of is you very often get what you pay for.

Many people think they know what's best for you and your business and the best way to determine their level of expertise on the subject is to look at the results they've created for themselves.

If they are the results you're looking for, take their advice.

If the results are not what you're seeking, find someone who has already achieved them and ask for their guidance instead.

It isn't any more simple than that.

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