Build Your Business On Pastrami and Rye

Jan 31


Laurie Hayes

Laurie Hayes

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They say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Funny, but it seems it's also the quickest way to a genius mind. Here's how one businessman learned how to tie the pleasure of food and sharing into building his business.


Don't call Paul at lunchtime because he won't be there.

He's building his business from a nearby bistro while enjoying a fine meal and preferred company.

When Paul started building his business he was overwhelmed by how much he didn't know. Marketing,Build Your Business On Pastrami and Rye Articles sales and Internet technology were the equivalent to a foreign language for him.

One thing he did have though was a creative mind and grit. A grit that didn't come naturally however, but was practiced and refined out of sheer determination.

Paul could have taken the traditional learning train and bought books, programs, attended classes and workshops, but he decided to add a little rocket fuel to these conventional methods to dramatically spike his learning curve.

He decided to go straight to the big players in the areas he needed to grow in and called and invited them to lunch.

When Paul approached these experts, he was straightforward and honest in making his request. He explained he was a beginning entrepreneur, had much to learn and wanted to learn from those whom he understood were the best in their field.

And believe it or not, the majority of those he called were more than happy to meet with him.

Being acknowledged and revered for being the best in their field set a positive tone for the request, and many of these gurus and experts were genuinely agreeable and open to sharing their expertise to help this determined man who was just beginning his entrepreneurial journey.

Naturally, Paul covered the dinner costs and made it very clear upfront that he respected their time and would not take them a second past their one-hour lunch meeting. He remained true to his word.

He also offered any assistance he could provide to express his gratitude for their willingness to help.

The investment Paul made in these lunches provided a greater return than any class or book could have. He created several long-term business relationships that helped him grow steadily and advance to the ranks of one of the best in his field.

Paul could have taken the safe, comfortable route of traditional learning, however, he had made a commitment when he decided to start his business that he would not shy away from intimidating situations if they could contribute to his success.

And his commitment to doing whatever it takes has paid off handsomely.

Paul built a solid business for himself and although his eyes once glazed over at the concept of marketing, he became a sought after speaker on the subject.

Entrepreneurs are always learning. Change is a constant and continual growth is a must.

Whether you're a new entrepreneur or if you've been in business for years, consider the impact a one-on-one lunch with someone who knows what you need to know could have on your business. 

There may be people in your community at this very moment who may have the expertise or experience you need to accelerate your growth. People who may be more than willing to sit down with you over a simple pastrami and rye sandwich and cup of tea to share their wisdom.

I suggest you take a step outside of your comfort zone and take on the mindset Paul adopted … "You never know what you can get if you only dare to ask for it."

It paid off handsomely for Paul. Imagine what it could do for you.

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