Earning additional Income using the Veriuni(TM) Online-Store

Sep 30


Alex Timaios

Alex Timaios

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The use of Shopping Malls has source of ... income is showing an ... trend. The ... are clear: instead of using the common ... Programs with only one product, Online Shoppin


The use of Shopping Malls has source of additional income is showing an increased trend. The advantages are clear: instead of using the common Affiliate Programs with only one product,Earning additional Income using the Veriuni(TM) Online-Store Articles Online Shopping malls offer a variety of products for different market segments. This advantage against the traditional "one product affiliate program" contributed clearly to their popularity. In the meanwhile, a simple search on Google shows a the high number of own "Online Shopping Malls" ready to take orders.Additionally, the time consuming task of shipping goods and keeping an inventory at home is completely avoided, since this activity is taken over by SFI.The Veriuni Store(TM) offers a good combination between physical goods (Health, Pet, Books, Food and others) and InfoProducts. Every time a visitor buys an item of the store, the "Shopping Mall owner" is paid through a commission. The percentage depends on several factors discussed in the following sections.A Veriuni Store Online can be visited here.------------------------------Associated Costs------------------------------The Veriuni Store is provided for Free for SFI Affiliates. SFI stands for "Strong Future International", it is a solid Company with more then 15 years of experience on the Marketing & Sales arena. The Store itself is hosted by SFI, so there is no need to have an own Webspace, what is considered an advantage since it helps to cut operationl costs.------------------------------Products------------------------------The Veriuni Store clearly focussed on domestic consumer products. The product offer is divided on:1) Books: mainly related to internet Marketing2) Magazines: offer subscriptions to popular magazines (Golf, Sport, Consumer)3) Natural Cleaners: all purpose cleaners in different sizes4) Personal Care: Shampoo, Soaps5) Pet Care: diverse food supplements for Pets, also Aspirin6) Wellness/Nutrition: Antioxidants, Vitamins, Liquid Nutrition7) Food: Cafe8) Telecommunications: Long Distance Service, Telephone Service, Wireless Offers9) IAHBE: Membership to the International Association of Business Entrepreneurs. ------------------------------Possible Earnings------------------------------The Compensation System of SFI is complex. It depends on several factors. The minimum commission percentage is 40%, "MIQ Affiliates" gets an additional of 40%. Depending on the total sales volume additional "overrides" (Gold, Silver Overrides) are paid. An Affiliate can take advantage of being "MIQ" by reaching a given number of sales points per month.SFI affiliates can buy also for themselves from the Store, leading to significant discounts. Top Affiliates can earn six figures income after building and developing their own Business, especially by referring other affiliates. Since SFI Affiliates earn commissions also from sales performed by their referrals, a consequent application of this principle lead to "residual income generation" (income independent on own sales efforts).--------------------------------------Promotion of the Veriuni Store--------------------------------------Obviously, the Veriuni Store can help to build an additional income only if "promoted" properly. Since the Products are focussed on the area of typical consumers goods, it is common that promotion is done by personal references (Word-of-Mouth Marketing)The Store itself can be promoted using all common promotion techniques in the internet (Free Advertising, PayPerClick Search Engines, etc).SFI offers also a Free Internet Marketing Course (32 Lessons) with several ideas and help to promote an own business.--------------------------------------Geographical market Segmentation--------------------------------------The majority of the products are clearly oriented towards the US- or Canadian Market (i.e. Health Products are shipped only to customer based on the US). Infoproducts can be shipped worldwide. International affiliates should consider this segmentation when setting-up promotion campaigns.------------------------------Summary------------------------------Due to the low operational costs (no fees, no hosting), the Veriuni Store offers an immediate opportunity to earn additional income without having an own Webspace or physical Inventories at home. The Affiliates gets an own Store "ready to take orders" and the corresponding marketing material to promote it.Disregard of the fact that the products are mainly oriented to the US Market, international affiliates can promote the Infoproducts (e-books, IAHBE Memberships) and build a residual income.Additional Information is available by the SFI Website, which includes a Video Presentation and Infomails.