Gene Wize Life Sciences - a Unique MLM Opportunity Or Just One of the Many?

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New multi level marketing opportunities seem to sprout up like mushrooms, making it difficult for many to decide as to which could be the best business for them. GeneWize Life Sciences is one of the new kids in the block, but a quick look at what they have to offer suggests that a lot of good things can happen from this company.

How It Started - Many of the newly established multi level marketing ventures today are backed by well-established companies that had experienced success in the same marketing arena. GeneWize,Guest Posting being a fully-owned subsidiary of Gene Link Incorporated, a genetic biosciences company, is no different.

GeneWize markets itself as a health, beauty, and wellness company specializing in products of excellent quality and based on DNA-based genetic tests to make them custom-made for their users. For GeneWize, delivering personalized solutions in the health, beauty, and wellness front is their sole mission in business and their ultimate goal is to help people feel and look better as well as have healthier and longer lives.

Personalized Health and Genetic Variation - Every person in this world has his own set of DNA - a genetic blueprint that makes us the way we are. Body chemistry has been recently found out to be genetically determined and by targeting these genes, a huge change can be achieved not just on how we digest our food and make use of the nutrients from it but also on how our body reacts to physical activity, internal conditions, environmental pressures and other factors.

With all these in mind, GeneWize Life Sciences sought to make use of the knowledge and technology at its disposal to create personalized health products for their market.

How It Works - Every product developed by GeneWize Life Sciences is based on a simple maxim: they're created not just to be better for others but better for each and every user since they're created with a person's unique body chemistry in mind.

LifeMap Nutrition System - GeneWize Life Sciences is the proud creator of the world's first ever comprehensive system of mass-customized or personalized nutritional supplement. Life Map Nutrition System is founded on genetic measurement tests of snips- a shortened term of single nucleotide polymorphisms - found in DNA.

The company's groundbreaking research can soon be seen in various patented procedures like Oxidative Stress and Healthy Aging. Once the assessment for these procedures pushes through, the company will then be able to produce a titration matrix report for the market. These may all sound too scientific to many, but it only means one simple thing: Gene Wize Life Sciences are able to create products that provide nutritional benefits specially designed for its user.

Nutritional enhancement is ensured to take place as all products are designed to offset any possible deficiency that may occur in the process. Various nutrients and genetically selected ingredients, which Gene Wize Life Sciences refer to as SNPboosts, are the main weapons used by the Life Map Nutrition System in one special blend.

Dermagenetics Skin Care System - And finally, Gene Wize Life Sciences offers the market its Dermagenetics Skin Care System. Skin is the largest human body organ but because of its daily exposure to numerous elements, many of which are pollutants, the skin is also one of the most abused parts of the body. With this in mind, the Dermagenetics Skin Care System was created to offer yet another genetically based treatment. In this case, SNPactives, another type of genetically selected ingredients, are the product's main defense against skin problems.

These two powerful products make GeneWize Life Sciences an incredible MLM opportunity that everyone can benefit from. With GeneWize, success is also custom-made for you!

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