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Using an online niche website to in conjunction with writing articles for money can really increase your online presence.  By doing this, you will be opening up a whole new world of possibilities.  Read on for basic tips for creating these sites. 

Creating an online niche website when writing articles for money will give you a great deal more publicity and web presence. There are certain guidelines that you will want to apply when building a niche site. Many times,Guest Posting folks don't realize the general idea of what a targeted site is. A niche website should be a a specific angle of a larger area. Let's look at a few suggestions to use when writing articles for money and putting together a website to go along with your writing.

Choosing a topic

1. This is the most important thing you must do when deciding on your online niche website. You are going to want a good base, and by deciding on one target audience, you will be able to utilize the most suitable keywords for the market. Limit your research to that audience. Remember, "tightly focused".

2. Every phrase that you decide to work with (discussed below) when writing articles for money should be a main search term for each web page. By doing this, every web page will be a like a subtopic of your market. By doing this, you will give the content on your online niche site more of a flow, and you will maintain readership.

Choosing a keyword tool and keywords

1. There are several types of keyword research tools out there that you can use when writing articles for money. Several are no cost, and some you have to pay for. The choice is up to you. I have used both and have found that no cost keyword methods can be just as useful as paid tools when writing articles for money and developing an online niche website.

2. One of the most relevant aspects that you will want to take into consideration is how many monthly searches the phrase is getting per month. A few research methods will show you precisely how many competing websites you have for each search term. If you are utilizing one that doesn't, you can just go to a search engine and input the key phrase with quotes to get a general suggestion.

3. After doing this, you will want to make selections according to competition and searches. When building an online niche website, you will do better by going for the keywords that have very little competition and some search volume. A lot of times, I will use keywords with greater than 100 searches each month when writing articles for money, while wanting to stay under 20,000 all in quote websites.  This step is important, but don't stress it.

4. After you have decided on your final selections, these are going to be the keyword terms that you will create your online niche website posts on, and the articles you will be writing.

As with a lot of folks, you will most likely realize that you are passionate about many subjects that you would like to work with when writing articles for money and building an online niche website. That's to be expected. I suggest that you start with a topic you are more familiar with, that has a low competition. This will give you the opportunity to practice and master the process. Once you have done the first couple of sites, you should be able to move on to more competitive niches. Though, it's ok to stay in the kiddie pool for a moment when it comes to internet affiliate marketing. Even so, by combining your article writing with niche internet sites, you will improve your web presence and profitability.

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