How to Build Your Business on a Solid Foundation

Jan 14


Mary Wilkey

Mary Wilkey

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Okay, so now you believe you've found the right program ... online. Where do you start? Many programs online (andoff, for that matter) have lots of plans and systems for you towork, lots of "ave


Okay,How to Build Your Business on a Solid Foundation Articles so now you believe you've found the right program to
promote online. Where do you start? Many programs online (and
off, for that matter) have lots of plans and systems for you to
work, lots of "avenues of attack," lots of tools, lots of
resources, lots of training, lots of videos, lots of audios, lots
of written materials, etc., and that's fine.

What isn't so fine is when you get everything "thrown" at you at
one time. You get bewildered. You get frustrated. You feel lost.
You are overwhelmed. In short, you simply don't know where to
start. Then you can't stay focused. So what do you do?

You have to pinpoint the right place to start learning and
assimilating all this information, and you have to put it all
into its proper perspective. But how?

There is usually a company-sponsored plan in place. Just take
that and follow it one step at a time. Seems elementary, doesn't

But it is very easy to digress from this step-by-step progression
when you get several emails from your sponsor telling about this,
that, and the other thing that have just been put in place, and
that these new methods are now available to start using
immediately, especially if "immediate cash" is promised somewhere
in there.

It all sounds really exciting and tempting, but resist the
temptation to go off unprepared. And if you don't have the basics
down, that is exactly what you will be!

So do you ignore all these emails that are meant to help, but
really end up pulling you away from getting through the basic
learning curve?

Yes! At least, for now. File them away in a folder to be read
AFTER you have digested the basics.
You have to get your nutrition from milk, and then soft foods,
and progress up to the meats!

Don't skip any steps. Basic to getting this learning curve out of
the way is setting up your tools. By that, I mean:

· getting your business cards ordered,
· setting up your 800 number,
· getting your FAX system in place (if you plan to have one),
· putting your contact email in place,
· getting your website up and running,
· setting up your merchant account,
· placing your initial order with the company (if necessary),
· filing all your required paperwork with the company,
· getting your local vendor's license, business license, and
anything else required by your local city, county, or state

While you are completing the above processes, create folders for
each project to hold all the copies of the paperwork you'll be
getting. Be sure to keep a copy of everything that you send out,
whether by FAX, email, or snail mail.

Meanwhile, in between setting up all the above, read or listen to
each step of the training in succession, because in most cases,
one thing builds on the other. Take time to learn your ABC's and
don't worry about what you will take up in "college"! You won't
have to concern yourself with college studies if you don't learn
your ABC's first!

And above all, keep things as simple as possible. Not only for
your own sake, but because, if you don't, the people you present
your opportunity to will get the idea that things are much too
complicated in your business to get involved with it.

They won't believe that they can learn it. They won't want to.
But if it appears to be simple for you, they'll see that it would
be simple for them, and you'll increase your success rate

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