Getting Pumped!

Dec 13


Mary Wilkey

Mary Wilkey

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"Hype, hype, hype, and more hype," I thought as I found a seat at this ... ... seminar. "It makes my backside tired." Not being a "morning person" anyway, I was still groggy from having


"Hype,Getting Pumped! Articles hype, hype, and more hype," I thought as I found a seat at
this weekend's motivational seminar. "It makes my backside tired."
Not being a "morning person" anyway, I was still groggy from
having forced myself to roll out for the fifty-mile trip on a dreary,
rainy, foggy morning. To make matters worse, I'd overslept and
gotten lost en route to the Radisson Hotel at the Cincinnati Airport.

"How in the world does anyone get this pumped this early in the
morning?" was the only thing rolling around in my sluggish brain.
I found myself a cup of liquid energy and waited for "something"
to kick in. It took a little while, but it really is just about impossible
to sit in a room full of happy, enthused, smiling, jacked up people
and remain lethargic for very long. I guess that's what it's all about,
after all.

Then the success stories began to filter into my brain and break my
preoccupation barrier, and gradually, by degrees, the inflation
process began. Enthusiasm began to rear its energetic head, and
adrenalin began to rush through this sixty-year old body. Sometime
before noon I had become infected with the spirit of it all, and by the
time the meeting was over, I had been electrified—super-charged.

Called hubby on the way home and decided we would eat out. My
husband, I discovered, had been electrified himself—he's naturally
bubbly anyway—we reinforced each other, pumping away all
through the meal, and we hardly noticed the food we ate.

We had to part for a short while to tend to other business,
and around ten o'clock we decided to watch a couple of
short videos on a new opportunity. And after that we put
in the long video we'd been given, called "Time to Soar."

Wow! We couldn't turn it off, and by this time it was well
after 1:30 in the morning. We just kept watching it—four
riveting speakers—one after another. And no hype! It was
pure meat, and we ate it all up! And then we stayed up until
after five o'clock talking about it!

Talk about a day full of pumping! Is it any wonder we're
"wired" today?

I don't care who you are or what you're doing now. And it
matters not if you are lame, blind, an amputee, or whatever,
CHOOSE!!!!!!!! We have a smorgasbord here in America—
and on the Internet—and in many other countries. We have
been blessed abundantly—all of us here in America
especially—if you have life, you have hope.

We are all about helping people to realize the potential that's
lying dormant in each and every one of us. We are about
teaching, coaching, motivating, inspiring, mentoring, and
sharing whatever we have with whoever is teachable, coachable,
motivatable, inspirable, and mentorable (are there such words?).

Notice the qualification in all that. We are NOT interested in
helping anyone who is not UPBEAT. We don't want to have
to pull anyone up out of their boots every day. That's not what
we're about.

We are looking for people who have vision, motivation, and the
drive and desire to better themselves and to succeed at whatever
they envision doing. Your goal can be anything from achieving
career objectives to freedom from debt to enhancing your lifestyle,
or any of the myriad possibilities in between. Whatever your goals
are, everyone's dream is to have the freedom to achieve them.

We would like to change the world one person at a time and help
that person to do the same, kind of like one big chain of love and
inspiration. My husband is a talker and a "people" person. I am
more reserved and quiet, more content to talk and write online.
He knows nothing about computers or being online and
has no interest in it.

So if you have any ideas to share, or if you want to run
something by us, or if you have just anything at all you'd
like to discuss, just email me, and we'll go from there and
try to help all we can.

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