How to utilize hidden spaces in small apartments effectively

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How to utilize hidden spaces in small apartments effectively

Many of us think that moving from a bigger house to a smaller one is unfortunate in many ways. The one question that comes to our mind would be 'Where do I keep all these stuff in this tiny apartment'? If no solution comes up,Guest Posting the only option we have is to either sell them or discard them. Of course, there are always certain things that we need to get rid of periodically-whether we are shifting to a new house or not. But what about others? What about the things with which you have a personal attachment? We need to figure a way out.

This being said, some of us might wonder how to create so much space in a tiny apartment. The truth is that we have plenty of hidden space in our small apartment.We just need to put on our thinking caps and think of ways we can bring them to use.

Here are a few tips to help you out of this 'space constraint' and make your life larger-whether you already have a small house or are going to build one which you think will not be spacious enough.

Identify the areas which are visibly vacant.

Have a close look at your interiors. And there you see - space below and inside the stairs, under your seats,the corners of the room. There's space all around!
Here, the conventional dining chairs are given a miss.Instead long benches are made with storage facility inside.
The same idea is applied on the stairs. The stairs are made of wood with a provision for storing clothes and soft toys.

Identify the need for an extra space.

Each one of us need space for different purpose - for some it may be for showcasing their collection of books, for some others, it can be for spending time alone where no one would come to disturb, storing an entire collection of accessories or for a cool place for your pet to sleep -the needs are vast and varied. Once the hidden vacant spaces are identified, go for a quick check -which space fits the best for what.
The space under the stairs has been used to create a miniature roof model house.

Think out of box

Critical and creative thinking is very important when you have more stuffs to organise with less space.
Can you imagine a tiny bedroom to have plenty of space left after providing for a study table, a king size bed and a shelf?
Here's how it has been made possible.
This small bedroom is no more small. The space which the bed could have taken up is now a study area which can be transformed into a eating space for a quick break. Above the table is a sleek shelf and at the top is the deluxe bed.

Alternatively, Murphy beds can be used to create space when not in use.

Mirrors and doors

The space you devote for mirrors can actually serve you with lot more than the reflections. A cavity can be made on the wall to store stuff which can be hidden with a door fixed with mirrors.The same can be applied on doors with the shelf to the inside of the room.

Thinking Vertically

Most of the time hidden spaces are not quite hidden, we just fail to identify them. When you run out of horizontal space, think vertically. A lot can be done vertically to create more space on the floor.

Having bunk beds is one best way of using vertical space. This works well for kids but is not a bad idea for a grown up too.

This is a great way of making your office area at home with hardly any floor space getting used up. The only floor area getting used up is that for the chair.This is surely a model quite impressive to be emulated.

Use the corners

Corners of the walls are often left unused probably because we have never thought of it as a SPACE. These can be beautifully transformed into a beautiful show case- the best the corners can get.

Give an expansive look to your tiny bathroom.

If you think having a bathtub in your small bathroom is not practical, you will be happy to be proved wrong.
You can carve out a hidden storage space under the bathtub to keep your bath essentials making enough space in the bathroom.
Well, now you can think of having that aloe vera, bamboo or boston fern to experience a refreshing, rejuvenating bath.

These are some pretty easy and unique ideas that can act as a stimulant for you to come up with more wacky ideas.Remember, there is always a room for improvisation!

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