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There are plenty of legitimate work at home opportunities out there, but it is important to protect yourself from work at home scams that will take advantage of your desire to work out of your own home.  From the most common “make money stuffing envelopes” scheme to others, you need to know how to determine if the work at home business you are considering is legitimate.

There are always the classic work at home scams like ones that say you can make money stuffing envelopes.  Scams like the “make money stuffing envelopes” ones are sometimes pretty obvious.  For instance,Guest Posting the make money stuffing envelopes scam will involve you paying money to obtain instructions on how to place an advertisement to get people to send you money for the same instructions you received.  Be careful of opportunities like “make money stuffing envelopes” scams, because they are pyramid schemes.  These schemes are illegal, and could cost you more than just a little money.

However, not all work at home scams are as obvious as “make money stuffing envelopes” scams.  Be wary of any opportunity that asks you to send money like the “make money stuffing envelopes” scams often do.  These are either pyramid schemes or the thief takes your money and runs.  Also, do not give your bank information to anyone promising to find you a work at home opportunity.  It may sound tempting and not be as obvious as “make money stuffing envelopes,” but you will most likely lose your money in the deal.

Having an understanding of refund policies and legal requirements will help you avoid “make money stuffing envelopes” scams.  If you have to buy anything like supplies, inventory, or equipment, you should know the policy on returns.  Also, to avoid work at home scams like “make money stuffing envelopes,” you need to be aware that some work at home jobs like medical billing or accounting require you to have a license or certification. 

An excellent gauge for determining if you are looking at a legitimate work at home opportunity or a “make money stuffing envelopes” type scam is to find out if there is a market for the work.  For instance, if you were to check into the market for “make money stuffing envelopes” opportunities, you would find out that there is not one.  Most companies have equipment that stuff the envelopes, so, in truth, you will not make money stuffing envelopes.  There is no market for it.

References are another way to avoid scams like “make money stuffing envelopes.”  Check into people who work for the company.  Also, contact the Better Business Bureau to find out if the company is legitimate.  You will want to avoid any company, like those that claim you can make money stuffing envelopes, that have a poor reputation.

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