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If you are looking to work from home, you may be tempted by those ads telling you about jobs stuffing envelopes that will make you loads of money.  However, those ads say little about jobs stuffing envelopes and more about opportunities.  There is a difference between a job and an opportunity, and jobs stuffing envelopes really are not opportunities at all.

If you are looking to work from home there are a lot of legitimate opportunities.  You can find them all over.  However,Guest Posting any ad promising your jobs stuffing envelopes are really telling you that you will have the opportunity to make money.  More often than not, this “opportunity” comes from a thinly veiled scam.  The ad for jobs stuffing envelopes will have you send money to a P.O. Box in exchange for a Starter Kit.  The kit is usually a description of how to place an ad for jobs stuffing envelopes to get more naïve people to send you money.

Why are jobs stuffing envelopes a scam?  First of all, there are no companies that will pay a person money to stuff envelopes when machinery is so advanced it can do it for much cheaper.  You would never be able to keep up with the machinery that stuffs the envelopes for less than 50 cents each.

Second, you should never have to send in money to find out more information about jobs stuffing envelopes.  This “good faith” payment has nothing to do with “good faith” on the company’s part.  It is a way for the company offering jobs stuffing envelopes to take your money.  A legitimate business will let you know what they do and how they do it up front.  Another version of the “good faith” payment with jobs stuffing envelopes is a processing fee. 

Another form of the jobs stuffing envelopes scam is actually a pyramid scheme.  You do stuff envelopes, but they are ads that tell others about the opportunity of jobs stuffing envelopes.  You get paid when the person sends you the money.  This is illegal, and you do not want to get involved in this type of scam.

The advertisement for jobs stuffing envelopes may also offer you free stamps and envelopes for your “processing fee.”  You actually will get the stamps and free envelopes, on the self-addressed stamped envelopes from people wondering about jobs stuffing envelopes.  Are you getting the idea of the cycle here?  Actually very few people today will bother with the SASE, as more jobs are posting free information on the internet and via hotlines.  Your jobs stuffing envelopes will probably not reap the kind of return you think.

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