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A ... that drives Seniors, the Adult Children of the Elderly and Key Referral Sources Directly to ... a simple ... service is ... for both the care ... and the

A Certification that drives Seniors,Guest Posting the Adult Children of the Elderly and Key Referral Sources Directly to You

Finally, a simple comprehensive service is available for both the care recipient and the provider of elder care services. Quality Care Options (QCO) serves all those involved in elder care, including discharge planners, social workers, physicians, adult children of the seniors, employers with a unique work/life benefit service, and of course, the senior.

Quality Care Options launched as a method to advocate for the right of all seniors to receive excellent care and to most importantly, remain safe in the receiving of that care.

To accomplish this goal, Quality Care Options, has developed the industry’s first consumer driven survey process. “Who better to attest to your ability to provide quality care for our seniors, day in and day out, than the actual seniors that have used (or are currently using) your service?” says Barbara Mascio, founder and president of QCO.

Businesses that serve the senior and/or the seniors’ family include a variety of both medical and non-medical resources. A senior may need assistance at home with light housekeeping and may need sidewalks cleared of snow. A senior may need nursing or rehabilitation care and may need a maid service or a financial planner skilled with elder care issues.

The senior, or most likely, the adult child of the senior is tasked with discerning between the multiple businesses available. What sets a business apart? How does the average consumer choose between one home care or one assisted living facility over another?

“Any business that has been awarded the Certification as a Senior Approved Service can be trusted and we feel quite comfortable putting our reputation on the line recommending these services to our clients,” says Ms. Mascio.

In this day of lawsuits one wonders, how a company feels comfortable referring to any business. In fact, it has become common for discharge planners and other health care professionals, to simply hand a family an alphabetized list of services without having the freedom to personally recommend one service over another.

“We base our statement of ‘Linking Seniors and Family Caregivers to Excellent Resources’ not on our objective or subjective opinion of a business. Rather, the seniors and/or their family members that have (or are using) a service relay this statement of excellence through a confidential survey process. Only those businesses with a 90% or higher customer satisfaction rating are included within our network of Senior Approved Services”, states Ms. Mascio.

“My mom was being discharged, and the doctor said she’d be fine, except she needed 24 hour care for a few weeks at home. We had no idea how to hire a home care company and all we were provided with was a list. Seeing the anguish on our face, our caseworker also mentioned that we might want to contact Quality Care Options, as they would help us find a home care company that was Certified as a Senior Approved Service. Thank God, within two hours, QCO called us back with three contact names of home care companies that would meet our mother’s needs and her budget…” offers Janet W. of Cleveland Ohio.

QCO contends that they will save the average consumer on average, ten to twelve hours of research time to locate appropriate services for their loved ones. A timesaving service that employers are now looking at to assist their employees in locating senior services.

Competition is fierce in the elder care business. Not all services are mandated to subject themselves to any type of scrutiny. A home care company in Ohio, for instance, doesn’t even have to apply for a license. QCO is developing a one-call solution to solve the dilemma of who to call for all the senior’s needs, including handyman services, maids, pre-planning memorial services, home care, nursing, assisted living and much more.

Barbara Mascio welcomes you to inquire how to certified your business as a Senior Approved Service. There is a detailed description of the survey process on the web site or you may phone directly toll free at 877-620-6448.

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