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Although you may think that you know everything about moving and moving companies, but there are many aspects that you should carefully look into before making a final decision on a Cambridge moving company

There are many things people are not aware of when it comes to Cambridge movers. And this is due to the fact that a number of legends are floating around in the market confusing those who need the services of Cambridge moving companies. But,Guest Posting as you well know, keeping informed is the best solution to prevent any misunderstandings on any part. That is why you can read on about things that you should know before actually requesting the services of any moving company.

•    According to the Surface Transportation Board, Cambridge moving companies are liable for the damage or loss of any assets or items which they are transporting for you. The Released Rates Order shows the extent of that liability. On a yearly basis, the liability of Cambridge movers may increase in accordance with the Cost of Living Adjustment released by the United States Department of Commerce.
•    Liability under the Released Rates order IS NOT liability triggered by additional insurance. It happens all the time that people simply assume that their mover is not liable for any damages or losses if they have not provided insurance.
•    As specified by the Surface Transportation Board, Cambridge moving companies may offer Full-Value Protection, also known as FVP, as one of the liability levels involved by your contract with them. In this case, Cambridge movers simply agree to pay in FULL for any goods which were totally destroyed or damaged during transportation.
•    The value of FVP depends on the declared value of the goods. As owner, you are the one who declares the value of the goods to be transported. Normally, the valuation charge is about 1% of the declared value but it depends on Cambridge movers.
•    Another liability option is the release value of 60 cents/per pound/per article. This is a very economical type of liability option but it basically does not help you, the beneficiary, with much. That happens because very small items usually value a lot of money. But in this case, the remuneration is per weight and not per value. Unlike the FVP, this type of protection does not involve an extra charge but, also, it does not offer any comfort in case of loss or damage.
•    What is you should also know is that if you do not agree to the Released Value of 60 cents per pound, Cambridge moving companies will regard your transport will automatically be considered under the FVP liability and you will have to pay the extra charge.
•    These are all liability options which are governed by the contractual agreement between you and the company that moves your goods and also by the Surface Transportation Board. Therefore, you have to choose one way or the other.
•    Also, Cambridge moving companies can offer liability insurance independent of the contractual liability option you have chosen. In each separate case, you have to careful study the terms and conditions of the insurance because they are different for each particular situation. Cambridge movers will offer various agreements depending on the value of the goods, type of assets, their tariffs, and so on.

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