Why your refrigerator can’t work after installing new water filter?

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Replacing the edr1rxd1 water filter is something that every family should do every six months.But this regular replacement may doubt somebody in many aspects.

Replacing the edr1rxd1 water filter is something that every family should do every six months.But this regular replacement may doubt somebody in many aspects.

Such as where to buy the replacing water filter,Guest Posting how to choose a suitable one for your fridge,how to install it and so on. In my opinion, one of the most troubling things is when you install a new water filter and your fridge stops working properly. This article will claim some situations may cause your fridge do not work after installing new fridge water filter.

Something wrong with installing

It is well known that the configurations of refrigerators are complicated. If your refrigerator can not working properly, you should check in many ways.

Here's what you should be aware of is that you may install the new filter in the wrong way. So , checking that if the water filter is installed too tight or loose. This motion will let your filter, not in the proper position which can affect the flow of water.

Also, when you removed the older filter, You may apply too much force and change the structure of the components around the filter. To figure out this problem, you can take out your new filter and check if there is something abnormal, such as create a seal on it. After recovering the abnormal component, you can install the filter again.

 Your water filter is incompatible

The first thing you should do is to take off your new water filter and install the old one instead. If your fridge still cannot work, that means there is something wrong with your refrigerator. You need to consult your owner's manual and call the refrigerator manufacturer for help.

If not, congratulation, your fridge is fine, the problem is caused by the new water filter you bought.

Many people prefer to buy a cheap water filter and discount water filters.That’s normal, I don't think there's anyone who doesn't like discounts. But you should pay attention to the quality of it, not every cheap water filter can have the ability to reduce the harmful substance. The low-quality cannot support help to your refrigerator.

All manufacturers will flaunt how great the quality their product has, in fact, it is not. You can only know the real situation by buying them a home to use it. So that It’s advised that your customer should choose the right water filter brand. For example, frigidaire, whirlpool and Kenmore. Usually ,they will be more expensive than other brands, but they will compatible work as originally designed to filter the water and let the water flow normally.

Although it contains a high price, However, using the wrong filter can cause damage to your refrigerator. compared to the cost of replacing your refrigerator, it’s a piece of cakes.

In addition, choose the right filter brand, and do not forget to choose the right water filter model. There are many types of water filter, each suitable for different kinds of refrigerators, to install the inappropriate water filter on your refrigerator is definitely wrong.

Giving you an example here: “frigidaire puresource ultra water filter ultrawf” and “ frigidaire puresource 3 replacement water filter” look like the same,many customer may think there can replace each other. Actually, they won’t. These two filters are suitable for completely different refrigerators.

You receive a broken water filter 

If you choose the right water filter brand and the filter model,and your fridge still not work after installing it.You can consider whether your water filter is inner broken or not.

In the delivery process of express, there will be collisions inevitably, which will cause damage to your water filter. I have to say the service quality of American Courier is uneven, damage of delivering parcels often occurs. You should contact the seller for replacement in time or select a great delivery service for you in advance.


From what has been discussed above, It’s not difficult the conclusion that installing a fridge water filter isn’t as easy as we think.

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