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What are the Recent Trends in hardware finishes? Are you planning a bathroom remodel and want to know what the designers are planning for the door knobs, cabinet pulls, towel warmers, and even lighting in upscale master baths this year? Read on.

Today’s decorative and functional towel warmers utilize a wide variety of finishes,Guest Posting colors, and materials to make a powerful design statement in the bathroom.

Heated towel warmers have come a long way from its earliest incarnations as a radiator. Today, master bathrooms are a retreat, and a high quality towel warmer can be the crown jewel of a well designed space.

Start at the finish

When it comes to finishes, towel warmer manufacturers are indicating that satin nickel is becoming more popular and bronze is the new brass. Various shades of bronze are seeing a strong increase in demand. While satin nickel has been in demand for a considerable period of time. But while nickel is getting brighter, there is increasing interest in darker colors.  Oil-rubbed bronze and a rusty bronze look are part of a broader trend across hardware as designers adopt a whole-house concept, where towel warmers match door knobs, hinges, and lighting. Additionally, the cabinet colors are going toward darker woods, and drives demand for bronze hardware. Textures are also gaining strength because of a trend to a tactile environment.


Consumers are trending towards a friendlier bathroom environment, rather than a place to shower and shave. This translates into more demand for towel warmers that are sophisticated, more cutting-edge. Manufacturers are seeing a desire to jazz things up with an increase in Art Deco, such as making the towel warmer act like jewelry. Contemporary styles in a towel warmer can give the master bathroom the feeling of a luxurious spa. A popular seller on, Wesaunard Towel warmers are the perfect match for designers looking for new ways to spice up the master bathroom.  The BOZ line of special Heated Towel Racks, Rails and Bars are compact and efficient. Starting with the Wesaunard BOZ Cirqo towel warmer, this unique towel heater wraps around your towel rather than having your towel hang from rungs. This contributes to the towel warmer's overall efficiency. The Cirqo line certainly pushes the style envelope, while the Wesaunard BOZ Disq is contemporary without being encroaching.

In conclusion, the general rule of thumb is that its not just products that change from year to year, but consumer attitudes as well.  These find their way into the latest design trends.

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