Choose the Right Gum Removal Machines for Gum Removal in Schools

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Choose the best gum removal machines for various gum removing applications in schools. Know about various features like high temperature & pressure, sanitization etc of gum removers.

Gum wads are everywhere,Guest Posting from parks and malls, to movie theaters and schools, requiring special gum removal equipment to be used.


Banning chewing gum in schools seems to has done little to stop the gum chewers from disposing their gum around school areas. Gum removal is difficult in schools because of the large amount of gum that is usually found in classrooms, bathrooms, cafeteria, playrooms, halls, science laboratories, and outdoor areas like playgrounds. Most schools are spread over a large area, making gum removal more challenging. Besides floors, walls, windows, blackboards, shelves, and doors, gum may be found on furniture and equipment.


Chewing gum is a blot on the landscape, but there are other reasons for wanting to eliminate the sticky wads from the sides of desks and racks. Chewing gum harbors germs and makes the schoolroom unsanitary.


Chewing gum makes life difficult if it sticks to clothing or hair. Old chewing gum hardens into a tough, blackened lump and only gum removal machines can remove this type of gum. Therefore, before you start on gum removal operations, check if your equipment satisfies the criteria associated with productive, effective gum removing machinery.


High Temperature


One of the prerequisites of a gum removal machine is high steam temperature. The basic principle behind these steam cleaning machines is that they produce steam, which on application over the gum, dissolves or loosens soft and hard gum. Insufficient steam temperature or boilers that do not have the pressure levels for maintaining high temperatures can be disastrous for any gum removal business. Commercial gum removal machines achieve temperatures as high as 369°F.


High Pressure Level


High pressure levels (as high as 125 psi) are possible only in high end commercial gum remover equipment. These machines have the power and durability required for swift gum removal and continuous operation. Often, these machines have stainless steel boilers that are able to maintain high internal pressure for longer periods of time and they are more durable than ordinary aluminum boilers.




The right accessories are needed with the gum removers for removing chewing gum debris from the surface. Attachable brushes in stainless steel help remove gum from concrete, granite, tiles, and ceramic while soft nylon and moderately brittle brass brushes remove gum from chrome and plated surfaces.


Most gum removal machines are also used for other applications such as eliminating food stains, soap scum, and molds. Therefore, the machine should have an appropriate variety of detailing brushes, including rectangular and triangular brushes for cleaning floors, squeegees for cleaning mirrors, stainless steel gum removal brushes, and nylon/brass/stainless steel detail brushes.


For enhanced gum removing power, the addition of a cleaning solution may be required. Always opt for machines paired with biodegradable solutions over their harmful, toxic counterparts.




For enhanced sanitization, use gum removal machines equipped with anti-bacterial technologies that eliminate more than 99 percent of germs. Many steam cleaners for removing gum have special HEPA filters that capture very tiny particles of pollen, dust mites, and dust. These microscopic particles remain in mattresses, carpets, furniture, and other surfaces even after regular vacuuming. These particles are responsible for many allergies. A HEPA filter fitted machine removes allergens and helps maintain a safe, clean environment within the school.


Contractors and janitors who invest in the right gum removing machine will give a massive boost to their gum removal business.

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