Cleaning Microfiber Upholstery

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Learn why so many people choose microfiber upholstery and what are the best ways to clean it.

When it comes to choosing the right upholstery you have to consider many things. First make yourself a budget,Guest Posting so you don’t jump to something too expensive. Next think of who is going to use the piece of furniture, does it have to be very durable or not? Do you have children or pets? This is important information, because pets can tear the upholstery and children will make all kinds of stains. Is the sofa or armchair going to be left under direct sunlight?

Why Microfiber?

There are just too many things you have to think about before you go to the store. Is the fabric going to be synthetic or natural fiber? Keep in mind that many of the synthetic fabrics are covered with protective coating, which contains chemicals that can be potentially dangerous if ingested. Many people go for microfiber upholstery, because it is similar to suede. The touch of this smooth material is wonderful and it looks great.

However the similarities end there, because microfiber is synthetic fabric made from polyester and nylon. The two are wound together creating a durable fabric which is used for upholstery, but don’t assume that just because both fibers are water resistant the produced fabric is too. Microfiber has some dust resistance, but it can be stained just as easily as any other material. The think is it can be cleaned relatively easy.

Like any other upholstery microfiber has to be regularly vacuumed and kept from sunlight, because it’ll loose the color and become more venerable to stains and fragmentation. When applying any kind of cleaning solution do a spot test on an inconspicuous area. If you’re allowed to use water be extremely careful, because if you over-wet it you’ll have to deal with mold and mildew. There are three types of microfiber, which you’ll find printed under the seat cushions.

You can use water-based detergents, dry clears and in the third case both, but keep in mind there are some cleaning solutions you can’t use. Starting with bleach containing detergents because they can destroy the microfiber, not to mention the discoloration. Second comes the nail polish remover again if you use it prepare to replace your upholstery, because it will be decomposed. The best option is if you have a manual, listing the safe to use cleaners.

If not seek special upholstery cleaners or contact a cleaning company offering upholstery cleaning. The cleaners will be able to tell you what king of upholstery you have, so you can clean it or try our own if you want.

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