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Alex W

Alex W

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ÿFestool is a world class manufacturer of power tools. Focused at the high end side of the power tool market they have been a successful creator and producer of tools since 1925 and shows no signs of slowing down.

Founded in 1925 by the company Festo they were actually separated from their parent company in the year 2000 so that both companies could focus on their main goals,Festool Articles with Festo focusing on automation design and technology.  Festool has remained based in Germany, with over 700 employees and an estimated revenue of over $400 million Australian dollars annually.

Besides being a heavy competitor in their market of power tool manufacturing they are also an innovator and inventor of many different tools and other equipment of machinery.

•  The Domino Joiner - a tenon joining piece of equipment created in 2006.
•  Portable Circular Saw - saving millions of hours and dollars in the construction industry with their innovations.
•  The Orbital Sander - a sanding rotating in circles to be used for fine sanding and delicate areas.
•  Portable Chainsaw - this piece of equipment changed the world of deforestation.
•  And many more...

One reason Festool has done so well is the way they target their different niches in the power tool construction industry.  Rather than try to market their product to the whole industry they have taken particular care to focus on their customers that work in the painting, carpentry and mechanic trades.

This has led to a great customer following in these markets and quite and dedicated fan-base with over 90% of their customers continuing to swear by their products claiming they are the best of the best.

In Australia their products have been available for over 30 years with an ever increasing customer base as they continue to prioritise quality products and customer service over short-term gains and muddying up their focus and drive to market their products to their existing niches.

There appears to be no slowing down for Festool, other brands should follow their example and see how it’s done by the best in the industry.

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