Green Glue is now a 1 day Ground Ship to NYC and the Tri-State area

Dec 23


Robert W. Orther

Robert W. Orther

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This is Dr. Bob again from Soundproofing America here to announce that we can now get green glue shipped into New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland in one day with ground shipping. Generally once cease id $10 to ship. We are the only Green Glue distributor able to get next day ground shipping into New York City. Our prices are the best in the nation and we offer the best and quickest shipping to the entire Eastern and Western seaboard.

Never more than a 3-day ship to any state in the continental US and never more than $12.

50 for shipping when you order online. Soundproofing is doing everything possible to get Green Glue to our customers as quickly as possible. We also offer next day ground shipping to all of Southern California. We are the leading provider of Green Glue West of the Mississippi. No one will give you a better price on Green Glue or better service and shipping. Nobody!! I guarantee the best Green Glue prices and service in the nation. If I can beat my competitions legitimately advertised price,Green Glue is now a 1 day Ground Ship to NYC and the Tri-State area Articles then buy from them. It’s that simple, I will beat any advertised price for Green Glue bar none, that’s just the way it is. If you are remodeling, or under new construction, Green Glue is a must for soundproof wall and ceilings. Now that all being said, you might ask, what exactly is Green glue? Well, I am glad you asked. Green Glue is a visco elastic damping compound that is sandwiched between 2 layers of drywall. Basically if you already have 1 layer of drywall installed as in a retro fit, you would lay out a second sheet of drywall on saw horses and apply 3 tubes of Green Glue sound damping compound to the surface of the new drywall. You will apply the Green Glue with a large quart size caulk gun. Cut the tip of the Green Glue tube to where you will be squirting out a 1/4'” bead onto the drywall. Once you have applied three tubes of the Green Glue to your 4’ X 8’ sheet of drywall, you will then screw the Green Glue laden drywall directly over top of the existing drywall sandwiching the Green Glue compound between the 2 layers of drywall. You will want to screw the drywall screws down as tightly as possible without pulling them through the drywall itself. By screwing the drywall down tightly you will force the Green glue into the existing drywall as well as the new drywall. The Green Glue will damp both drywalls so that they will virtually have not resonant frequency and thus not be able to pass the sound from the floor above or through a common party wall. That’s all there is to Green Glue in a nutshell. It is undoubtedly the best soundproofing agent on the market today. Green Glues ability to deal with low frequency noise makes it unique among all soundproofing products and materials on the market today. The more you read about Green Glue the more you will realize it is the right product for your soundproofing project and for the best prices and the best shipping and after the sale support, call the experts at Soundproofing America, your #1 soundproofing resource from coast to coast. Call us toll free @ (877) 530-0139, even if you buy nothing for us we will be happy to help you with your soundproofing project. It is not all about money, it is about solving soundproofing issues. This is Dr. Bob…Out!!!