Guide to Buying a Black Kitchen Faucet

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This article provides an insight into the things that you should consider while purchasing a black kitchen faucet. 

As a homeowner,Guest Posting you would consider renovating your kitchen at least once in your lifetime. When this happens, changing the kitchen faucet would be on top of your list. But how do you choose the faucet? What factors would you consider while choosing a faucet?

If the answer is looks, then you are not alone. Most of the homeowners purchase a faucet by its look. But there are certain factors that you should consider, especially when you choose a black kitchen faucet.

Here are the key factors that you should consider while going for a black kitchen faucet.

  •  Height and reach of the spout: Height of the spout refers to the distance between the base of the spout and its top. In case your kitchen sink has a cabinet installed above it, then the spout height gains special significance. You should ensure that there is enough gap between the kitchen cabinet and the top of the spout so that you can move your hands freely.

The distance between the base and tip of the spout is called the reach. While selecting a black kitchen faucet, you should ensure that the reach is high so that you can easily wash big vessels in the sink.

  • The number of holes: Black kitchen faucets are available with one, two- and three-hole options. In the case of a black kitchen faucet with a single spout, only a single hole is required. But if you go for a faucet with two handles on either side, then three holes are required for its installation. Since you are renovating the kitchen, you should consider the number of preset holes before finalizing on the faucet.

If you want to add more holes to fix a new faucet, it is an easy job. But if you want to install a faucet with less number of holes, then it requires some additional work. You need to cover the excess holes with a plate for a clean look.

But if you are installing a black kitchen faucet for the first time, then you can go for any type of faucet as there are no predrilled holes.

  • Type of mounting: Black kitchen faucets are available in both wall-mounted and deck-mounted options. The standard kitchen faucet that you see nowadays are deck mounted ones. These types of faucets provide a sophisticated look to the kitchen.

     But if you have very little counter space in your kitchen, then you can consider going for a wall-mounted option.

  •  Valve: While going for a black kitchen faucet, you should choose a valve made of ceramic. This ensures that the faucet remains drip-free for several years.


  • Price: Black kitchen faucets are available in different prices. A simple deck mounted faucet would cost slightly over $120. A faucet with pull out spray would cost around $180. A black kitchen sensor faucet would cost as high as $480.

 Thus, you should also consider the amount you are ready to spend before finalizing on a faucet.


A black kitchen faucet stands out from the others mainly because of its look. But the look should not be the only consideration. By considering technical aspects like the quality of the valve and the number of holes, you will be able to purchase the right black kitchen faucet for your home.

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