How to use your Mattress for 20 years?

Dec 3




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Next time you purchase a mattress keep in mind to work on its maintenance. Not only will it add years to your mattress but will also help in attaining a safe & hygienic sleeping environment for you and your family.


Investing in a mattress is one thing & taking care of it is another. You can follow some steps to maintain the life of your mattress. Taking care of your mattress is much easier if you understand the type & material of your mattress. In general,How to use your Mattress for 20 years? Articles the lifespan of a mattress can be up to 20 years. But only if you take care of it properly. Maintaining the life of your mattress is the best thing you can do when you invest in a good mattress.  

Do You Know:

 A good mattress is equivalent to having a good sleep. The better your mattresses are, the more pleasant your sleep will be.

 Here are some ways to help you maintain the life of your mattress: 

  • Rotate & Spin them more often

Using your mattress in rotation helps in its even use. No matter what kind & type of material they are made up of, rotation is necessary. The side of the mattress you use becomes prone to more sinkage. You can curb such a scenario by flipping your mattress. 

 The ideal time for rotation can be anywhere between six to twelve months. You can do it at your convenience. Just make sure you never skip this step as this will add years to the lifespan of your mattress.  

  • Get them dry-cleaned every once in a while 

With each type of mattress comes a manual guiding on how you can clean them up. The most preferred way would be dry-cleaning & vacuuming them. This whole cleaning process is important for maintaining a healthy & safe sleeping environment for you and your family. In the case of stains & dirt, the process may vary. You can have your mattress vacuumed too. This way the dirt will never settle for longer durations on your sleeping throne.  

Different types and brands of mattresses require different kinds of maintenance. However, you can use the vacuum process of each kind. You shall vacuum your beddings at least twice a year.  

  • Avoid Eating in Bed! The stains can be clingy! 

Eating in bed is avoidable. You can avoid stains on your bedding if you eliminate the habit of binge-eating in bed. Some stains are so reluctant to leave that they can ruin the mattress for you. They leave marks & cause the material inside the bedding to decay faster.  

In case of any stain accident, you shall immediately take off the sheets and clean the very spot immediately.  

Quick Tip: Here is a little trick you can do in case of stains. Mix some lemon juice with salt and use the paste on the stain. 

(This trick is only advisable on a mattress of lighter shades as the bleaching quality of lemon can cause harm to the darker shades of mattresses) 

  • Avoid Sharing Bed with Your Pet! 

We know that for those who have a pet at home it's hard to keep them off the bed. It's common to have pet hairs all over your mattress & sheets all the time. This can cause some collateral damage to your comfortable mattress.  

No matter how cute it may sound, the idea of sharing a bed with your pet can cause harm to your mattress. Your pet can invite bugs & bacteria into your bed. These bacterias can cause heavy internal damage to your beddings.  

Consider having a different bed setup for your pet. This will help your mattress be germ & bacteria-free. Helping you maintain your mattress for a longer duration.  

  • Provide the right support for your mattress 

Many mattresses require a box frame and many of them don't. This will again depend on the kind of material they are made up of. 

Support is essential for beddings because it helps in maintaining the integrity of the material inside it.  

You may not always require a box spring or a foundation, sometimes a solid frame is all that is required. Make sure that to check every season that your bed frame has no faults. A slight pressure issue can harm the mattress. It's important to maintain the right pressure and support that a mattress requires.  

  • Using a mattress protector is always a good idea 

Covering your mattress with a protector is the easiest & simplest way to maintain it's healthy lifespan. There are many additional benefits too added to the use of a mattress protector. These make your mattresses waterproof. Water as we all know can cause a lot of damage to your mattress. So you may as well cover them up with a protector.  

All the other factors are focused on maintaining the outer structure of your mattress. Using a protector on the other hand is vital for maintaining the life of material inside your mattress. A protector will act as a shield for your mattress against dust, oil, stains & water.  

Just invest in a good protector and provide yourbed mattress with the protection it deserves.  

  • Avoid Jumping on the Bed 

Not just spring beds but foams can also wear off much early if you jump on them. Kids are said to be the most notorious. If you have kids in your house then make sure you strictly avoid their jumping on the beds. As this may cause early damage to your beddings. 

What All is Required to Be Done! 

Above mentioned tips are important for maintaining the lifespan of your mattress. We all are familiar with such issues in our daily lives. Bed spills & spring breakouts are the most common hazard. But steady & regular maintenance of your mattress can help in avoiding such problems.  

Ensure that you follow each of the above-mentioned points. Neglecting any one of them can damage your beddings further. After all, how often do we purchase a new mattress! So isn't it a smarter choice to take care of what we have now.