Guidelines for flat interior design

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These are the basic materials and some basic concepts to be remembered while choosing a better and attractive design for interior designing of flat.

7 materials used for decorating flat

There are many materials by which a flat can be designed in a great,Guest Posting better and attractive manner, from them there are 7 elements which can be chosen for designing a flat by a cheap way. They are:-

  1. BRONZE:-In the earlier times peoples’ used bronze products as utensils in which earlier people’s used to eat food on these utensils.  Now Bronze is used not only for making utensils but also used as a  designing element for decorating a flat or a room. This material signifies magnificence and sophistication. Bronze materials are used making decorative center table, chair, pots, kitchen sinks etc.
  2. CONCRETE:- One of the cheap and versatile material is concrete. It is used from decades for designing .concrete are used as a footprint in people life . it is used on floors, walls, lamps etc.
  3. CANE:- This material is used for designing flat or room . It is known as wicker which is coming from Rattan plant. By using the stems of Rattan plant wall hanging materials, partitions, furniture and also other decor products are made. This is eco-friendly and sustainable material.
  4. COPPER:- It is a material which is used from the decades . This material is used as a utensil like cutlery sets. This material is also used for making Beds, coffee tables, lamps etc.
  5. DISTRESS WOOD:-This material is used for making designer furniture, beds, tables, wardrobe etc. This type of material gives a Nostalgia vibe and also gives a vibe of History.
  6. TERRACOTTA :-It is a natural thing where it is used for designing from centuries. It has a rusting charm which gives a warm and pleasure to the design of the flat.
  7. TERRAZZO:-This is a composite material of marble chippings which is set into the cements called TERRAZZO. It is made in a way such that to reuse scrap rock. This material is used for decorating furniture, kitchen tables, lamps etc. This material is originated 500 years ago. It is a highly sustainable material. The print is used as a wallpaper in the walls.

 Normal  basic materials to decorate the flat

  1. Selection of proper wood
  2. Selection of tiles
  3. Selection of carpet.

Selection of proper wood:- To make a basic and decorative design for flat the wood which is to be chosen should be of good material. There are varieties of wood for designing . From them one wood is Hardwood. Hardwood also contains varieties like Red oak, American cherry etc. The price and variety of the hardwood also varies with the material or quality. Hardwood has a great durability but before using it need to be assigned about the quality or material.

  1. Selection of tiles:- Mosaic tile is one of the most preferring material where it is available easily in varieties of patterns, colours and also customized designs. Mosaic tile can be customized with the material which a customer choose.
  2. Choice of carpet:- Choice of carpet plays an important role in decorating a flat with basic style. Selection of good material and colour should be done of a material with seeing the furniture and design of the flat. Example- if the colour of the furniture present in the flat is dark but the colour of the flat design is light than the carpet should be of dark and bold colour which will bright the colour of the room.

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