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Need hardware that is functional, durable and yet able to give a high end look to your shutters? Shutter pintles are just the thing for you!

Shutter pintles are used along with a hinge to create the proper offset in securing a shutter to your structure. They are also available in different styles to cater to your specific needs. Keeping in mind the correct weight and width specifications required is very important before installation.

How to Choose Shutter Pintles

Since the look,Guest Posting fit and movement of a shutter is largely dependent on the hinge and pintle used to secure it, it becomes imperative that you choose the correct fit. With a variety of sizes, this is an easy task!

Once you have decided on a specific shutter, decide what kind of pintle best matches it. Are you looking for hardware to give your exterior shutters a look of class or are you looking for hardware that lends itself to functionality? With shutter pintles coming in various configurations, it’s easy to get one to match your décor!

If you’re looking to maintain that rustic look, opting for a jamb pintle, which resembles the look and feel of cast iron, might pique your interest. If you own a modern structure, surface pintles are a great option. With a variety of styles available, you can add a touch of grace and elegance to your shutters.

What Are My Choices?

Whether you want to install new pintles or replace worn and damaged ones, browse through the assortment available, to choose the right one for your need and requirement.

  • Polyamide Pintle Shim: This type of pintle is easily stackable due to its flat base. Its size is about a quarter of an inch thick and is a very stable choice. It is made out of black polyamide plastic and is sold in pairs.
  • Square Pintle: To give your shutter a chic and elegant touch, this pintle is an ideal option. With its neat edges, it gives your structure a nice clean look. It comes in carbon steel and is sold as a pair.
  • Rounded Pintle: If you’re looking to give your shutter a stylish and elegant look, a rounded pintle would seem appropriate. This design gives your shutter all the glamour it needs to stand out! It is made from carbon steel and is sold as a pair.
  • Lag Pintle: Have an authentic brick veneered home? The New York adjustable lag pintles are your answer. These pintles maintain an elegant and stylish look, come in carbon steel and are sold as a pair.
  • Surface Pintle: Surface pintles are pintles mounted on any surface to add a little extra protection to a shutter. Made from stainless steel with a matte powder coat finish, this pintle is a good choice for your home or structure.
  • Leaf Pintle: This is a great example of flexibility and durability. These pintles undergo a lot of processes at the time of manufacture to ensure the highest level of durability. With proper lubrication and maintenance, this pintle is the epitome of stability. It is made from carbon steel and is sold in pairs.
  • Jamb Pintle: Jamb pintles are traditional and one of the most flexible options. These pintles are made to look and feel like cast iron and therefore expand mounting possibilities for shutter hinges. They can be surface mounted or mortised on wood side jambs of windows or just surface mounted. These pintles are available in stainless steel and are sold in pairs.

Browse through the wide range of shutter pintels in varies styles close to you or browse online for a wide variety of choice on Decorative Shutters.

Browse through the wide range of shutter pintels in varies styles at Decorative Shutters

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