Safety Storage on the Job

Jan 10


Winslow Sandy

Winslow Sandy

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There are a wide variety of different options for safety storage on the jobsite. These can include a variety of cans for solvents and flammable liquid...

There are a wide variety of different options for safety storage on the jobsite. These can include a variety of cans for solvents and flammable liquids through to specialized cabinets and storage solutions. These safety items are very durable,Safety Storage on the Job Articles inexpensive and highly portable, making them perfect for moving to any job or staying permanently in a shop, garage or on the workplace floor. With proper storage or hazardous or flammable liquids, solvents and materials you are ensuring a safer workplace and staying within all OSHA and ANSI guidelines.

One of the biggest problems in many garages, machine shops and fabrication types of industries is how to store solvents so they are easy to use but still safe from sparks and flash exposure. A great option is a plunger can, which is specially designed to allow liquid to be safely used and drain back into the sealed and secure can after use. A plunger can, as a safety storage option, can be of several sizes from smaller pint sizes to up to one gallon. Solvents are kept in the sealed can, then the plunger depressed with the sponge, cloth or other absorbent material. The excess liquid then drains back into the can through a specialized one way valve.

As with all types of storage items, different materials are used in the construction of plunger cans. Typically the galvanized steel cans are used for all types of general solvents and liquids except for those that are corrosive. Polyethylene cans are most commonly used with the alcohols and the corrosive liquids and are designed to withstand the contact with these liquids.

Oily waste cans are another important safety storage option. These small, covered and contained cans are perfect for the workplace, garage or in laboratories. They are designed with a hand or foot open design and a quick self-close to limit exposure of the contents to the air. This reduces the chance of any type of spontaneous combustion with the oil and used materials in the disposal can. Typically these cans only open on a restricted angle which is also an important safety feature to limit exposure when the can is being opened or closed. Like the plunger cans they can be polyethylene or galvanized, depending on the particular types of materials that will be stored.

For jobsites or for home or commercial use outdoor storage sheds or lockers are a great option for keeping hazardous chemicals, solvents and other solids and liquids out of the main building. These storage buildings can be steel or other materials and are easy to lock using padlocks or other types of keyed locks. They come in a huge range of sizes and can be ideal for storing smaller pint or gallon sized containers right up to 55 gallon drums.

Some of the outdoor safety storage buildings are hazmat approved and are designed to resist exposure to fire for a specific period of time. Most of these buildings are either two or four hour rated for fire exposure and also have spill capacities that prevent seepage or leaking from the building if containers are overturned or damaged while in storage. These storage sheds are extremely durable and built to resist tampering and any type of outdoor environments.

Safety storage doesn't have to be just for the most dangerous of materials. Even simple cleaning compounds and products can be safely kept in safety cabinets out of reach of children or unauthorized individuals. These cabinets can be locker style or smaller wall mounted options, depending on your particular needs and requirements.

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