Stay Safe With These Bin Rental Tips

Jan 26


 Jenny Wills

Jenny Wills

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When renting a garbage bin, it’s important to revisit safety procedures to be followed when filling a full-size or mini bin rental.


In a typical year,Stay Safe With These Bin Rental Tips Articles Canadians throw out over 25 million tonnes of non-hazardous residential waste. That’s not including the amounts generated when those same Canadians decide to conduct a substantial renovation or to completely demolish a structure like a shed or garage. When that happens, Canadians are taking their garbage disposal to the next level by renting bins, and sometimes it’s important to revisit safety procedures when filling a full-size or mini bin rental Toronto.

You’d think disposing of garbage, waste and debris would be a harmless and easily conducted activity. However, for those first-timers arranging their bin-rental Toronto, understanding the best practices involved in filling these large, heavy rental bins is the first step to avoiding injury.

  • Safety Starts with You

You gear up to play hockey. Gear up to load your dumpster. A good pair of safety gloves is the most vital piece of equipment, especially if you’re loading jagged construction waste like metal, wood, drywall and lighting fixtures. Eye protection is always a good idea as well. No matter what material you’re putting in your disposal bin rental Toronto, never conduct bin loading activity in footwear that can leave your toes exposed. Steel toe boots are always the best bet, but in their absence be sure to wear shoes or boots that stabilize and protect your feet. A hard hat may seem a little excessive, but you can never be too safe. When loading, be aware of the areas of the bin where fingers might get crunched. Hinges and gaps around any door in your bin are areas where fingers might get caught, pinched, bent or crushed. Be mindful of these areas.

  • The Top of the Bin Is Where the Loading Stops

As your bin starts to fill up, recognize that it should never be piled higher than the top of the side edges. This is important for several reasons. For starters, debris can fall out when your bin is being transported; secondly, shifting materials on top can provide an injury risk when you’re standing near the bin; finally, the company who rented you the bin may refuse to transport it if it’s too full. This is another reason why it’s important to arrange the right mini bin rental Toronto for your needs.

  • Spread the Materials Around Equally in the Bin 

Heavy materials like cement demolition waste, wood, and large furniture and appliances should be placed around the bin to allow for equal weight distribution. Concentrating large weights on one side of the bin could cause it to shift when moved or to tip when sitting on uneven surfaces. Light objects that may take flight while in transit should also be placed under heavier items to weigh them down. Safety is always a concern whether your bin rental Toronto is stationary or moving.

No matter what you’re renting your bin for, we at Junk Out can help you in the safe disposal of your junk, debris and unwanted materials. Our team can recommend the right bin, set you up with the right contract and safely deliver and pick up your bin. Our services are available across the GTA for residential and commercial jobs. For safe, efficient and affordable disposal bin rental Toronto service, think Junk Out.