The American Standard Americast Bathtub

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This article is specifically about the Americast bathtub from American Standard.

The American Standard Americast BathtubAmerican Standard’s Americast bathtub is made of a durable lightweight alternative to cast iron.  The material called Americast is exclusively manufactured by American Standard.   Americast bathtubs are half the weight of its cast iron counterparts; yet have the same structural thickness. The rich enamel colors provide excellent heat retention.  American Standard Americast bathtubs were seven years of research and testing in the making. In 1988,Guest Posting Americast was introduced to the public. The unique three-layer construction consists of a smooth porcelain-enamel finish bound to high-quality alloy that is backed by an injection-molded structure.  The backing structure material helps protect the porcelain finish from chipping and crazing. The composition of Americast bathtubs allow for a deeper more useable bathing space. American Standard Americast bathtubs began marketing with the Princeton model.  It is now available in six models and continues to be popular. Features such as a Luxury Ledge for holding toiletries has been added to the original design. The installation flexibility of the Americast bathtub has been unsurpassed.  American Standard’s plant in Salem, OH handles all manufacturing of American Standard’s Americast bathtubs. Installation of your American Standard Americast bathtub can be handled by yourself if you are comfortable or the contractor of your choice may perform the task.  The American Standard may be shipped to your door in some situations.There are currently three models of American Standard Americast bathtub available.  These are:•    The Stratford features  a glossy porcelain finish and full slip resistant surface.  This model is available in the colors Arctic, Linen, Silver, Bone, Fawn Beige and White.  This American Standard Americast bathtub is available in a whirlpool model.•    The Princeton features a glossy porcelain finish, slip resistant surface, beveled headrest and built in lumbar support. This classic Americast bathtub has an innovative Luxury Ledge for toiletries. Colors available in this model are Bone, White, Fawn Beige, Black, Linen, and Silver.•    The Cambridge model is a five foot Americast bathtub.  Due to it’s rugged construction, several commercial institutions around the globe use this American Standard Americast bathtub.  This model is available in the same colors as the Princeton.  A whirlpool can be added to this bathtub if you desire.American Standard Americast Bathtub’s have easy cleaning recommendations and care instructions.  Using a non-abrasive cleaner such as powdered Bon Ami, Spic 'N Spam, didi seven or ZUD on stains; wet and wipe off the surface.  A scouring pad or other abrasive material should not be used.All American Standard Americast bathtubs feature a “Stan-Sure” slip resistant enamel surface. This finish is obtained by mixing porcelain and hard quartz to produce a safer surface. This built in safety feature can reduce the need for mildew and bacteria harboring mats and unsightly tapes in the bottom of your bathtub.  Please note that soap and body oils may accumulate on surfaces, therefore routine cleaning and maintenance is recommended to protect you and your American Standard Americast bathtub.American Standard Americast bathtubs come with a limited lifetime warranty to allow you to make your purchase with confidence.

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