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When your looking at freshening up your bedroom with new furniture or decorating, one of the colours that will always work is white. It will match virtually anything and if used in the right way can give an extremely fresh and luxurious feel to your living space.

As with fashion,Guest Posting there are interior design trends and one of most popular and the easiest for most people to achieve, is designing a white bedroom.  By clever use of textures and bedroom furniture the look can be created on even the smallest of budgets. It is a fresh clean colour that can be matched with almost anything and will always have a stylish look and feel to it.

You may have noticed on the high street and in the interior design magazines that the white trend is the key to achieving a fresh living space and it gives a summery and flowing feel to a room.  The problem is how to create this trend and avoid your bedroom looking stark and clinical. Texture is the area to focus on and keeping in mind if you are using glossy white wardrobes, then the texture should be in the form of soft throws, shaggy rugs and piles of cushioning.  On the other hand if your soft furnishings have a sheen to them, then you may want to move more towards the painted white wardrobes, as the wardrobes will give the softness to the room rather than the bedding or curtains.

White walls are another very important aspect of the look and you need to make sure that the white is not a gloss finish, you need to go for a matt paint otherwise it will begin to look clinical especially if you have shiny wardrobes.  Matt paint will undoubtedly give a dreamy appearance to a white bedroom and with painted white floorboards this will add to the design.  If you prefer carpets, it would advisable to avoid a bright white carpet and opting for a more neutral shade, as you can add rugs to the match the walls.

Of course splashes of colour can take the bedroom to the next level, choose your favourite colour and add accessorise with bedroom lamps or flowers on the windowsill, you could be more dramatic and add a block colour on one of the doors of the wardrobes.  This is easy to do when you use modular bedroom furniture, as you can have the doors matching or opt for a varied colour scheme depending on your preference. Red is one of the classic colours that will match any predominately white room but virtually anything will work, it's just down to personal taste.

White is one of the easiest colours to work with and by simply remembering to avoid too much texture of the same ilk, it will make sure this trend will work for small to large bedrooms for many years to come. Finding the right balance between your bedroom furniture, accessories and textures can transform your living space into a fresh and luxurious area.

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