XML Is About To Rock Your World

Nov 21


Bill Daugherty

Bill Daugherty

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Envision a world in which you buy a newhome ... and it ... itself toall of your other ... and they ... how to work ... Went you ... movie player it orders the lig


Envision a world in which you buy a new
home appliance and it introduces itself to
all of your other appliances and they figure
out how to work together. Went you start
your movie player it orders the lights to
dim,XML Is About To Rock Your World Articles the microwave to pop the popcorn
and the telephone to hold all your calls
until the movie is over.

This may sound like something out of a
science fiction novel, but it is just around
the corner thanks to an extensible markup
language called XML. It sounds like your
t-shirt size, but it is a powerful new addition
to the e- world and it is going to rock your
world good.

A relative of HTML, XML promises to
become the common language for PCs,
Macs and any other device that has a
computer chip. The possibilities are

This common language for all devices will
make it possible to have networked cars
and offices.

Automobiles that have all the components
talking to one other and making adjustments
based on the data received. Offices where
all the machines, not just computer terminals,
will be able to work together in a coordinated
manner that will make the whole system many
times more powerful and productive that the
individual machines working alone.

XML and the Internet.

The Internet became what it is today because
HTML was accepted as a universal language
for displaying images and text. The impact of
XML will first be seen in the great improvement
it will bring to search results on search engines.

Today's search engines produce a lot of
irrelevant results. That's because, to a search
engine, a word or phrase is just a pattern of letters
without meaning. XML will eliminate a lot of this
"garbage" search results by labeling content
more thoroughly.

This may all sound like something out of the
distant future, but it will become our reality
in the near future. The most amazing feats
resulting from XML are those that we can't
even image yet. The future will be an exciting
time to live and XML will play a large role.

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